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"On the Line" from Jesuit Producer Ron Schmidt, S. J.

From Jesuit producer, Ron Schmidt, S.J. and a team of Jesuit educated filmmakers comes the latest documentary about the SOA movement: "On the Line." The film features Martin Sheen, Susan Sarandon, Fr. Roy Bourgeois, Jesuit priest John Dear, author John Perkins, and Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr.

The feature length documentary (52 mins.) covers the start of the movement from the murders of the 6 El Salvadoran Jesuits and their co-workers up to present day efforts in Latin America to stop countries from sending their soldiers to the School of the Americas. *This award-winning documentary is ideal for social justice and theology classes and campus social justice/service groups on campus and for preparing groups going to this year's protest. *Order it for class presentations or for your university/college library.

With the ordering of the DVD, educational institutions also have access to an on-line study guide prepared by the Center of Concern, which focuses on Catholic social teaching.

This film has been judged by many as the best, most up-to-date and comprehensive film about the movement. It has screened at Film Festivals, the Cannes Film Market and won a 2008 Silver Telly Award.

Directors and producers are available to be present at screenings for discussions and dialog. See www.onthelinefilm.com for ordering and contact information. Or contact Fr. Ron Schmidt, S.J. directly at schmidt.re@gmail.com. Phone no. 323-462-6311, ext. 310.

"Father R and the Homeboys" from Producer/Director John Bohm

Narrated by esteemed screen veteran Martin Sheen, this socially conscious documentary details the efforts of Los Angeles-based Jesuit priest Father Greg Boyle in helping to redirect the troubled lives of four gang-bangers living in the battle scarred area of Boyle Heights. Affectionately known to his many followers as "Father G," Boyle and his non-profit group "Homeboy Industries" have been working for over twenty-years to help kids prone to gang violence prepare for a future free of deadly turf wars and premature funerals.

See www.fathergandthehomeboysmovie.com (and click on "News" page) for ordering the film.

Contact: John Bohm, jsbohm_2000@yahoo.com

"Dorothy Day: Don't Call Me a Saint" from Producer/Director Claudia Larson

*A one lucky dog production*

This thoughtful labor of love was written, directed, and produced by Claudia Larson (a first-time filmmaker) and premiered at New York's Tribeca Film Festival in 2006. Larson began the documentary in 1993 after meeting long-time friends of Dorothy's who encouraged her to make it. Fifteen years later we have the fruits of that encounter: a poignant picture of a remarkable woman. "Don't Call Me a Saint" tells the story of the New York writer and Catholic anarchist who at the height of the Depression created what would become a worldwide social justice movement comprising of a newspaper, soup kitchens and houses of hospitality. May 2008 marked the 75th anniversary of the Catholic Worker movement. And although Dorothy Day is currently being considered for canonization, she is no ordinary saint. Caught up in the Bohemian world of 1917 Greenwich Village, Dorothy wrote for radical papers, associated with known Communists, attempted suicide and had an illegal abortion. The birth of her only child led to her religious conversion.

The film takes us through Dorothy's early days as a young writer, her fateful meeting of the French peasant philosopher, Peter Maurin, the growth of the movement, the anti war protests, her last arrest in 1973 with the United Farm Workers, and finally, her death on November 29, 1980 at Maryhouse, the home she founded for the homeless women on the Bowery. Interviews with Dorothy's intimates along with her personal photographs and writings paint a dramatic picture of Dorothy's most difficult journey to create and live out a vision of a more just world. Though the film ably compresses Dorothy's 83-year life into 55mins it could not contain all the pertinent topics in detail, so Claudia is currently working on the film's companion DVD due this fall.

For more details visit www.dorothydaydoc.com or call 323-666-7800

Mission Helper Productions: "Just to Live in Peace"

JUST TO LIVE IN PEACE: CHRISTIANS IN THE HOLY LAND is the title of a video documentary shot on location by Sisters Anne Guinan, MHSH and Caritas Kennedy, RSM.  This 40 minute video tells the story of the indigenous Arab Christians in the troubled region.  Even as they struggle to live their lives under the oppressive weight of military occupation, they feel blessed to inhabit the land where Jesus was born, lived, died, and then rose to proclaim his message.  Some 187,000 Christian Palestinians live in Israel, including 40,000 in the West Bank and Gaza.  Their Stories are rarely heard, as international reporters are often denied entry into the Palestinian territories.  Just to Live in Peace gives voice to the Arab Christian community, providing a clearer picture of the hardships its people endure.


Together, Sister Anne and Caritas have been video producers for more than 50 years.  Over the course of many trips to the Holy Land, they became increasingly distressed by the deteriorating conditions of the Palestinian Territories. In making this video, they seek to awaken compassion and raise awareness of human rights violations against the Palestinian Christians.  They hope to motivate Americans to become more involved in working for the just peace that can be achieved only if all parties to the conflict are heard and respected.

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