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Justice Initiatives at Loyola University

Loyola University Maryland
4501 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21210

Center for Community Service and Justice

Talks from the Justice Colloquium
March 31, 2006 after Talks from the Justice Colloquium
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Domestic Immersions http://www.loyola.edu/ccsj/community_service/service_options/immersion/index.html 

  • Spring Break Outreach
  • SumServe
  • U.N.I.T.E
  • S.O.S

International Immersions http://www.loyola.edu/ccsj/immersion/international/index.html

  • Project Mexico
  • Encuentra El Salvador

Justice Research

Service Leadership Program

Office of Service Learning

Service Learning Library

One Time Programs :  http://loyola.edu/ccsj/community_service/service_options/one_time_service/

Ongoing Programs

Site Chart  http://loyola.edu/ccsj/community_service/service_options/ongoing_service/sites_by_interest.html 

Student Organizations

  • Alpha Phi Omega - Community Service

Post Grad: http://www.loyola.edu/ccsj/in_your_life/service_after_graduation/ 

Current Events and News: http://www.loyola.edu/ccsj/news_events/

Ignatian Retreat Policy

  • Employee Benefit for Full-Time and Core Administrative and Staff Members
  • Up to four days of leave will be specifically designated for the Ignatian Retreat for all eligible employees. Administrators and staff members desiring to attend the Ignatian Retreat may do so, with the consent of their supervisor, without using personal leave or vacation time. Due to the demand for this opportunity, this benefit may be used once every five years.  Individuals wishing to attend more often may do so on a space available basis and must use any accrued vacation or personal time, with the consent of their supervisor. (Effective 2/01/02).

Putting Justice in Education


Evolution not Revolution
A Film about Education for Social Change in Rural Boliva.
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