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Roger Bergman's book, "Catholic Social Learning: Educating the Faith
That Does Justice," has been released by Fordham University Press.

He suggests that it is the first monograph that presents a comprehensive
vision of education for justice in Catholic higher education, with an
emphasis on actual pedagogies.  Here is an endorsement from a source
many will recognize:

"Bergman presents wise answers to both the "why" and the "how" of
education for justice in our deeply wounded world. A creative approach
grounded in Western humanism and Catholic social thought. Bergman's
practical engagement as an educator sheds bright light into the darker
corners of the task, where shame at our inadequate response sometimes
lurks.  Must reading for all seeking new insight into how higher
education--especially Catholic higher education--can help shape men and
women who will seek to heal our world."

--David Hollenbach, S.J., University Chair in Human Rights and International Justice,

Boston College

Jesuit Health Sciences & The Promotion of Justice

Jesuit Health Sciences and the Promotion of Justice: An Invitation to a Discussion

(Marquette University Press 2004; ISBN 0-87462-694-3. Marquette Studies in Theology 42. Paper. 265 pp. $25)

For more information or to purchase this book, view the listing on amazon.com.


An Integrative, Faith-Based Model: From Service-Learning to Civic Engagement

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Wallick, W., Waskiewicz, R., West, D. (2005).  An Integrative, Faith-Based Model: From Service-Learning to Civic Engagement. In: Stefl, M., Gelmon, S., & Hewitt, A. (Eds.) Civic Engagement in Health Administration Education: Frameworks, Examples and Practical Tools.  Manuscript submitted for publication.

William G. Wallick, Ph.D. - wgw1@scranton.edu
Rhonda A. Waskiewicz, Ed.D. - waskiewiczr1@scranton.edu
Daniel J. West, Ph.D. - westd1@scranton.edu
Service Learning Web Site - http://academic.scranton.edu/department/cps/service_learning/

Faith, Ethics & Vocation Project (Education and Research)

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The primary goal of this project is to integrate the distinct features of Santa Clara University's mission into Environmental Studies learning activities, and to provide opportunities for students to extend education beyond the classroom. These features are: promoting a faith that does justice; fostering leaders of conscience, compassion, and competence; and facilitating vocational discernment. This project was created by the College of Arts & Sciences to investigate the special opportunities in the inter-disciplinary practice of the ESI to pilot innovative pedagogies and better fulfill the university mission.

Just Politics?
By Gary Alan Scott

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The Commitment to Justice in Catholic Higher Education: A Compilation of the Major Keynote Addresses Delivered at the 1999 and 2000 Justice Conferences

Sponsored by Jesuit Institutions of Higher Education

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explore Journal
An examination of Catholic identity and Ignatian character in Jesuit higher education

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