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Other Ignatian Spirituality Resources

Ignatian Spirituality through Music
“You have come to a site offering new music and supportive materials for liturgy and retreats. It is especially appropriate for anyone interested in the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola. Themes from his meditations are woven into the lyrics.”

Ignatian Spirituality Center of Montreal
“The Ignatian Spirituality Centre of Montreal is a non-residential centre founded by the Jesuit Community in 1976. The mission of the Centre is to make spiritual direction, daily prayer with scripture, and the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius available to all people of God in the Montreal region. It provides training and continuing education for spiritual directors and supports the growth of  faith communities.”

Ignatian Spirituality Institute
“The Ignatian Spirituality Institute was developed to serve individuals whose ministries are animated by the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Many who have made or directed the Exercises say they feel a need to nourish and deepen what they have experienced, to enhance their understanding of the dynamics of the Exercises and to build relationships with others in ministry. In keeping with the Jubilee year the keynote talks for this Institute will focus on St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Francis Xavier and Blessed Peter Faber, the Three Companions whose lives and mission we celebrate this year. The workshops will present a variety of subjects pertinent to the ministry of the Exercises.”

Ignatian Spirituality Center- Seattle
“The Ignatian Spirituality Center is an ecumenical and interfaith outreach ministry founded in 1994 seeking to serve the spiritual needs of the people of Western Washington. The Center brings together lay people, vowed religious, and Jesuits trained in Ignatian and other spiritualities to provide programs designed to deepen spiritual growth. We collaborate with Jesuit ministries to provide spiritual direction, programs, and resources that assist persons of all faiths to serve Christ’s mission of compassion, healing, and justice.”

America- The National Catholic Weekly “Why Young Adults Need Ignatian Spirituality”
This article focuses on the key theme of young adults and their role in the future of the church. The author, Timothy Muldoon, says, “What I offer here is a reflection on how Ignatian spirituality in particular can speak to young people and help us develop a vocabulary of faith.”

Society of Jesus USA- Spirituality Resources
Provides information regarding Daily Prayer, Ignatius Loyola, St. Francis Xavier, The Spiritual Exercises, Jesuits and Interreligious Dialogue, Jesuit Spirituality in General, Prayer in General, Centers for Jesuit Spirituality, Spirituality as Expressed in Art, Poetry, and Science, and Bibliographic Resources.

Ignatian Solidarity Network
The Ignatian Solidarity Network's purpose is to facilitate and enhance the effectiveness of existing social justice and advocacy efforts that are currently present in Jesuit affiliated high schools, universities and colleges, parishes, retreat centers, independent organizations and lay individuals across the nation. The network serves as a means to connect, strengthen, and broaden communication among these already existing groups in order to better understand what it means to live and act upon "a faith that does justice.

CLIA Panel Discusses Work and Faith
At a recent meeting of the CLIA-Boston program, young adult participants heard from a panel of four distinguished Catholic professionals.  Continue http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103249336114&s=1008&e=001OnzZ843ka2AP6mhEF8pNTa3gxLWjXH-O9tPTLRbkyqw-Nw7WRtrRECFwLmaIRwaAl5-aRJHRMPNqtHfAgweq5W9Go23bA5t11P5A8huM8wz9NovbSS4jWpHJzZOnUrwAgWByzzlzqgAhM2k7zD4kFJAPcyLFvHPO>

Ignatian Spirituality Resource Guide
Welcome to TJC's new Ignatian Spirituality Resource Guide. There is a wealth of print and electronic resources available on Ignatian Spirituality, Ignatian retreat programs, and spiritual direction.  This guide is intended to help direct seekers to a wide selection of those resources. http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103249336114&s=1008&e=001OnzZ843ka2AmNNRx7DpKyW--ayeU8ReV2MUobTd00xEXng0elTrqDDMtCJ2BBy7u-LQVIvlYoixENYP8B7hN3LM9a5wK31Gji8Oc2_-w1eoi2D6hD2LerzBvYrd_Avn8qakp8Elvogg=>

Video Link: Jim Conroy, S.J. on the Third Week

Jim Conroy, S.J. presented "The Content and Dynamics of the Third Week of the Spiritual Exercises" to the members of the charter cohort of Pneuma, Spiritual Direction and Leadership Program at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, PA on March 13th.


Chris Lowney, TJC board member, to deliver Gannon Lecture at Fordham
April 16, 6:30 PM. http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103249336114&s=1008&e=001OnzZ843ka2CqpOTtj3YYA14DMdTCZNy_ghe-hTn3q_Zwtgm1NRLcg_vBeNU97sdchFILYFmRLPWtTKDi-wOt6R-CKBaEo1RbzjczrW8FDy3QUZMD5R-bVC5R9K3mb50LgON2Vb6LF7_woMwsYW3LuQ==>

Visit TJC Blog.  http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103249336114&s=1008&e=001OnzZ843ka2DO6LN-yNmhKkkiNASWUC6PA0hbno7ILrd-kaDVb_qajgK6Y33cOAFFhaNjbJDWKlTJF12jakjoSLS_93owrXabhpp-rFFR09KEp4DnGOEQ40TFjxfPSbtfv-TnVqTWkho=>

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