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The links on this page lead to syllabi related to classes in which issues concerning justice are addressed.  The classes are from the following fields:



AE 228

Ethical Dimensions of Global Humanitarian Policy (FU)
AE 270Ethical Dimensions of Global Violence (FU)
ARSC 170Conceptualizing Justice and Peace (MU)
BIOL 335Advanced Genetics: Race and Racism (GONZ)
CHS 338Poverty, Homelessness and Social Justice (SU)
DPLS 705-v.2007Leadership and Social Justice (GU)
HS 464Geoncide and Human Rights in the 20th Century (JCU)
IPS 424Human Rights and Dignity (LUC)
IPS 532Social Context: Ministry in the City (LUC)
IPS 610Social Justice Foundations: Philosophical, Religious, Theological Basis for Social Justice (LUC)
IS 1001The Story of Diversity and Social Justice (UMN)
JUPS 272Conflict Studies for Social Change (GU)
MIN 350Catholic Social Thought (SHC)
MT 202Introduction to Catholic Social Ethics (WJST)
PHIL 100Ethics as an Introduction to Philosophy (XU)
PHIL 359Philosophy and Slavery (XU)
PS 333Seminar: Ethics and International Relations (HC)                  
TH A365-03Social Justice (SLU)
TESP 046Faith, Justice, and Poverty (SCU)
TH 328Biblical Justice (LU)
TH 893Contemporary Theories of Justice (BC)
TH/LL/PY/UN 461Human Rights: Interdisciplinary Seminar (BC)
THEO 351Faith Elements in Conflicts (BC)
THEO 361Social Justice (SLU)
THEO 531Definitive Syllabus on Children of Abraham (BC)
SC 751The Quest for Social Justice (BC)

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Social Sciences


ANTH 155

Conflict Resolutions (SCU)
EDC 579

Social and Cultural Issues in Counseling (CC)

EDCO 630History and Systems in Communituy Psychology (XU)
ETHN 134Black Social Movements (SCU)
POL 307The Socialist Tradtion (USFCA)
POL 322Politics of American Justice (USFCA)
POL 327American Reformers and Revolutionaries (USFCA)
POL 352Human Rights and Global Change (USFCA)
POL 603Human Rights and International Law (USFCA)
POL 2181Law and Social Change (SJU)
POL 2621War and Peace (SJU)
POL 286Comparaitve Environmental Policy (HC)
PY 397Social Issues and Social Policy (BC)
PY 620Education and Social Issues and Social Policy (BC)
PY 915Criitical Perspectives: Race, Gender, and Class (BC)
PSY 252Community Psychology (GU)
S20-5014.01Social Justice: Exploring the Reality of America's Promise (WJU)
S65-5046.01Seminar on Social Theory, Social Policy, and Policy Action Toward Human Liberation (WJU)
SC 751The Quest for Social Justice (BC)
SO 191Social Change in Developing Nations (FU)
SOC 33Social Problems (SCU)
SOC 092Peace or War? Empire Building, Policy and a Peaceful World (WU)
SOC 153Race, Class, and Gender (SCU)
SOC 213Collective Behaviors and Social Movements (SU)
SOC 315Feminisim and Social Change (SU)
SOC 340Urban Sociology (LMU)   Class Assignments
SOCI 165Social Inqeuality (MU)
SOCL 280Global Culture and Society (HC)
SOWJ 183Social Welfare Policy and Programs (MU)
SOWJ 189Advocacy and Social Change Theory and Practice (MU)
SW S701-01

Social Justice Human Liberation and Community Building (SLU)- past

Social Justice Human Liberation and Communitu Building (SLU)- present

UI4xxSocial Justice and the Global Economy (MSU)

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AE 276

Global Business Policy (FU)

ASCI 30 - Fall

ASCI 30 - Winter

Ethics and Globalization- Fall Economics Emphasis (SLU)

Ethics and Globalization- Winter Economics Emphasis (SLU)

EC 316Conflict Economics (HC)

ECON 300

International Trade and Business (XU)

MT/ST 272Ethics, Economics, and Liberation (WJST)

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AE 289

Global Health Care Policy (FU)

INTL 402International Human Rights Clinic (SEA)
PHIL 321Globalization Ethics (LUC)
PHIL 470Ethics and Economic Justice (LUC)
PLSC 301Political Justice (LUC)
PLSC 313Resistance and Obligation (LUC)
POL 322Politics of American Justice (USFCA)
POL 2711Theories of Justice (SJU)
POLI 379Revolution and Change (Honors) (XU)
POLS 326Race and Ethnicity Politics in the US (GU)
POLS 341Nonviolence in Theory and Practice (USFCA)
POLS 390Filipino Politics and Justice (USFCA)
POLY 125International Law (SCU)
POSC 119Politics of Race. Ethnicity, and Gender (MU)
POSC 159Third World Politics (MU)
PSC 405/WMS 405International Human Rights (LC)
SNLW 410ACivil Rights Litigation (SEA)
TH 598Law, Medicine, and Ethics (BC)

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Environmental Justice

AE 275Global Environmental Policy (FU)
AE 283Environmental Justice (FU)
BIOL 120Life, Ecology, and People (XU)
BIOL 200Case Studies in Environmental Science
ENVS 160Spirituality and Sustainability- Vocations & Earth's Future (SCU)
ENVS 161

The Moral Vision of C├ęsar Chavez: 
Agriculture, Food and the Environment in Catholic Social Teaching (SCU)

ENVS 161Agriculture, Food, and the Environment in Catholic Social Teaching (SCU)
ENVS 162

Environmental Justice Practicum: The Central Valley (SCU)

LSHV 481Environmental Justice (GU)
PHIL 213

Environmental Ethics (SU)


PHIL 247Environmental Ethics (HC)
n/aYear One report on the Environmental Vocation Internship: Central Valley field site, emphasizing Environmental Justice and serving the Diocese of Stockton
n/aYear One report on the Environmental Vocation Internship: Central Coast field site, emphasizing ecumenical collaboration on marine biodiversity conservation ethics

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PJ 410

Money and the Power in the Biblical Tradition (RU)

RSPS 4027

How Nonviolence Works (JST)
SOC 241Social Inequality (LC)
SPAN 353Introduction to LA Studies (XU)
SPAN 357Central American Culture (XU)
STH TS 800International Conflict & the Ministry of Reconciliation
TH 351Faith Elements in Conflicts (BC)
THE 2461Just Health Care in Developing Nations (SJU)
THEO 345The Challenge of Peace in the Contemporary World (XU)
THEO 1301Introduction to Catholic Social Ethics (SJU)
THEO 2403Catholic Social Teaching (SJU)
THEO 2481Technology, Society, & Christian Ethics (SJU)
THRS 395Religious Nonviolence and Politics (UFSCA)
THRS 470Contemporary Moral Problems (USFCA)
TRS 234Twentieth Century Peacemakers (SU)

Templates for  Ignatian Reflection

n/aTemplates for Ignatian Reflection

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