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Big Data, a Fall 2013 Graduate Course 

Big Data is the retrieval and analysis of information from very large data sets - the kind maintained by Google, Facebook, national security organizations, and others. The data may be semi-structured, and it may reside in a specialized repository.

 This coming Fall, Loyola is pleased to offer Big Data as the topic of a special topics graduate course, CS 750, Big Data. The instructor, Jason Barbour, is a software engineer focused on developing analytics for large data sets using tools such as Hadoop, Pig, and Accumulo as well as languages such as Python. He is organizor and co-founder of the Data Science MD meetup group.

Big Data will be offered at the Columbia Graduate Center on Mondays, 5:30 pm to 7:40 pm. It runs from September 9 through December 12. The total course fee is $2,550.

Or, if you prefer, check out our other Fall courses such as Software Engineering, Fundamentals of Web Design, and Software Architecture and Integration.

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