Loyola University Maryland

Department of Computer Science

Graduate Facilities

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Columbia CampusCourses are taught at Loyola's state-of-art graduate centers in Columbia and Timonium, Maryland. Classrooms feature hi-tech projection and sound systems, wireless internet connectivity, and other amenities. The facilities also have student lounges, computer workstation areas, book stores, breakout rooms, and liberal free parking. Both facilities are near restaurants and other businesses.

The Evergreen campus, in the City of Baltimore, provides additional facilities. The Donnelly Science Center contains a robotics lab and several well-outfitted student laboratories with advanced Vista, XP, and Linux workstations. Servers maintained by the Computer Science Department host applications and databases usable at all Loyola locations and remotely. The Loyola-Notre Dame Library is available to all graduate students, as are the student center and dining facilities. Several other venues such as a media lab exist on campus.