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Detailed Course Descriptions

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ME 600.W01– Orientation to Online Learning

0 credits 

An online orientation to Loyola’s learning platform and tools that includes strategies for student success in online learning.  Must be completed within four weeks of beginning the first course.

ME 601.W01 - Exploring Digital Culture
3.0 credits
In this course students will investigate the social, political, cultural, intellectual and economic impact of new communication services such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Second Life, the World Wide Web, and others. We will assess the way the Internet and its applications have influenced the way we see ourselves and others; the way we interact and govern ourselves formally and informally; the ways we do business, and even the way we think. It will address critical issues such as privacy, cyber-bullying and civility, identify theft and security, free speech and more.

ME 602.401 - Content Creation Boot Camp
3.0 credits
New media combine words, images, audio and video. This course provides an overview of the tools such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Adobe Premier and others used to create new media content as well as the techniques and strategies used in new media content development.

ME 701.401 - Ethical Issues in New and Emerging Media
3.0 credits
This course examines various ethical issues and situations that arise when dealing with new media. Everything from the ethics of using the Internet and new technology for sourcing, promotions, marketing, and journalism, among other things, will be covered. Students will engage in conversations about their ethical beliefs and how or what they need to do to adapt them to today’s ever-changing, technologically advanced society. The overall goal is to provide students with a solid grounding in new media ethics.

ME 710.W01 - Media Innovation
3.0 credits
The most important characteristic of emerging media is that it is new. This course will explore baseline concepts such as: Where do good ideas come from? How does innovation move through society? What is the relationship of emerging media to existing media? Students will develop a set of tools that will enable them to assess the potential use and impact of emerging media.

ME 715.W01- Emerging Media in Strategic Communication
3.0 credits
In this course students will learn how new and emerging media technologies are being integrated into advertising and public relations campaigns, and how they are being used to deliver traditional messages in novel times and spaces. In an increasingly competitive and diversifying media space, communicators are finding new ways to reach their intended audiences. This course will foster an understanding of the roles and limitations of new media for delivering messages and engaging with key audiences, publics and markets while allowing students to critically analyze how to best utilize new media to connect with consumers.

ME 720.W01- The User Experience
3.0 credits
This course reviews the latest theories and research methods developed to better understand how and why people use new media technologies. We will cover a diverse range of perspectives on how users come to identify and take meaning from media; individual motivations and behavior; and the role of user communities. We will then review and apply the latest qualitative methods used by scholars and media companies to better understand target user groups, including usability studies, focus groups, interviews, and web-based surveys.

ME 725.W01-Emerging Media Applications
3.0 credits
This course will explore best practices in the use of social networks, Blogs, Facebook and Twitter in strategic communication activities. Topics covered will include how to set up an appropriate Facebook and Twitter account and how to strategically integrate social media to the advantage of the organization. It will explain SEO (search engine optimization), explore basic SEO tactics, and instruct students how to set up a purpose-driven blog. Students will build mobile websites and applications (apps) for mobile devices.

ME 730.W01- Social, Political, Economic, and Cultural Issues and Emerging Media
3.0 credits
In this course, students will analyze and interpret the ways that race, class, gender, and ethnicity impact the access to, the use of, and the knowledge of technology, information, and communication. By looking at both in- and out-of-country usage, students will also discuss the technological divide among countries, communities, neighborhoods, and people.

ME 735.W01- Law and Regulation for Emerging Media
3.0 credits
Emerging media frequently test the existing legal and regulatory frameworks for speech. This course will explore key legal and regulatory issues raised by new media, including copyright and piracy, net neutrality, free speech, and privacy, among others.

ME 740.W01Global Communication and Social Media: Policy and Trends
3.0 credits
New and emerging media are changing the ways in which people around the world communicate. However, access to new media is subject to local laws, regulations and customs. Therefore it is important for communication professionals to think globally, but act locally. Students in this course will research the political economy, media ownership, regulations and laws of some of the fastest growing economies in the world. Students will also review social media policies, and students will gain an understanding of new and emerging media strategies that are utilized by global organizations and brands.

ME 798.W01- Emerging Media Capstone Project
6.0 credits
The emerging media project may take two specific forms. Students may opt to write a graduate research project on a subject relevant to new and emerging media. Working closely with a professor/advisor, students will engage in original research. Alternatively, students may develop an applied project in which they demonstrate their proficiency using new and emerging media, or they may craft a comprehensive communication strategy structured around the use of new and emerging media for a publicly interested organization or company. The project will be completed under the tutelage of a professor/practitioner in the department.

ME 799.W01- Capstone Continuation Guidance
0 credits
Prerequisite CM 798.41
Students work with their advisors towards the completion of their capstone projects. Students can enroll in this course one time.  A guidance fee is charged.