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Senior Design

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Mechanical, Electrical, Materials and Computer Engineering seniors participate in an inter-disciplinary capstone design program. Teams of 3-6 students assist regional industry by designing, building, and testing working protoyptes that solve manufacturing and product development problems. Projects are two semesters long and are shown to the public in a Fall Snapshot Day as well as a Spring Design Expo.

Seniors in engineering design course

Senior Design Websites EG 497 Fall 2014

Team 1: SureYouCanxTOMIM 

Team 2: Light Speed

Team 3: Teamflattire

Team 4: BabySensorFusion

Team 5: Indopenpumpkin

Team 6: LoyolaSuperFans


Senior Design Websites EG 497 Fall 2013

Team 1: "The Beam Team"

Team 2: "The xYUCA Project"

Team 3: "Ready Set Heat"

Team 4: "Drop it like its rain"

Senior Design Websites EG 498 2012

RIVER: www.studentpersonalpages.loyola.edu/dfvige/www  

WIND: http://forthewind.weebly.com/    

Braille: https://sites.google.com/site/brailleproject/    

ARK: https://sites.google.com/site/arkkeyboard/ 

WITS: https://sites.google.com/site/seniordesignwits/demo

BRAGG: http://bubblezgroup.weebly.com/