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Pat Roy wins 3rd place for her poster

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Senior materials engineering student, Patricia Roy has been engaged for more than two years doing research on the corrosion of alloys. The US Navy funded her first work on the degree of sensitization of aluminum alloys. Her current research uses a novel technique to detect and measure stress corrosion cracking (SCC) in a laboratory environment.  Pat competed in the university’s Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Colloquium (UGSRC) in April 2013 where she won third prize for her poster, “Monitoring and Measuring Stress Corrosion Cracking Using Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (SAM).” The novel SAM technique examines alloy surfaces in a corroding electrolyte using a 100 MHz ultrasonic beam that is scanned across the specimen yielding a high resolution picture of the surface. In this way small cracks in the surface are detected and measured as they grow. Pat plans to attend graduate studies in materials science and engineering.