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The English major is among the most flexible programs of study at Loyola. Because the major requires only 10 courses beyond the core, it is easy to minor or even double major in a wide variety of other disciplines. Working closely with an advisor, students may select core courses and electives to form a concentration in any of several business, social sciences, science, or humanities disciplines. Moreover, the minor option (in which students take five upper-division courses in English) allows students who wish to major in the sciences, social sciences, or business science to supplement their education with analytical and expressive skills.

Because of its scope and flexibility, the English program can prepare majors and minors for a variety of careers. In the past, our majors have pursued careers in teaching, journalism, business, library science, textbook production and marketing, and technical writing. English is also excellent preparation for law school. When he spoke on Loyola's campus several years ago, then-Associate (later Chief) Justice William Rehnquist noted that in his opinion, English, with its concentration on close reading and persuasive argumentation, is the ideal preparation for law school.

One alumnus has had several novels on The New York Times best-seller list; another has written scripts for the highly-acclaimed Baltimore-based television show Homicide: Life on the Streets. A third is a best-selling journalist, and a successful motion picture was based on one of his books.

In addition, some of our graduates have gone on to advanced study at Pembroke College and St. Hilda's at Oxford, to graduate schools including Harvard, Princeton, Yale, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Maryland, Emory University, the University of New Hampshire, the University of South Carolina, Fordham University, and the University of Delaware. Loyola English majors have attended law school at Georgetown, Yale, Tulane, the University of Maryland, The Catholic University of America, and the University of Baltimore.

Not all English majors go on to graduate or law school, or become professional writers. Many enjoy rewarding and productive careers in advertising, management, marketing, education, and philanthropic organizations. Your advisor can help you tailor a program that will position you as an English major with practical skills who can achieve satisfaction in any career you pursue after your years at Loyola.


Qualified students can enrich their liberal arts education and prepare for jobs by taking advantage of internships offered by the department. Because of the diversity of English as a major, two separate tracks are available.

  • EN 097 English Internships in Public Schools
  • EN 098 English Internships in Private Schools
    These courses enable students to learn about teaching English in either private or public middle and high schools. Interns work closely with a mentor who is an experienced teacher, under the supervision of the chair of the school’s English department and in close association with the department's internships coordinator.
  • EN 099 English Internships
    Internships give students intensive, hands-on experience in areas including publishing, public relations, advertising, marketing, journalism, grant-writing, technical writing, law, and government.

An intern works closely with the departmental internship coordinator to design a course during which the student learns skills and approaches specific to one enterprise, whether that be the court system, news reporting, public relations, publishing, or philanthropic organizations. Interns have the unique opportunity to apply their skills as English majors in areas in which they may choose to pursue a career.

Internships may be paid or unpaid, though most are unpaid. Students should contact the departmental internship coordinator well before registration for the semester in which the internship will take place. While the internship coordinator can provide information about some internship opportunities, students are also encouraged to consult the Career Center (DeChiaro College Center, Ground Floor, West Wing -- 410-617-2232), which maintains several substantial databases of internships, including "Hounds For Hire," which also contains information about positions available throughout the United States.

Internship Coordinator

Prof. Jean Lee Cole