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Loyola College Literary Society (LoCoLitSo)

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Loyola College Literary Society

As one of Loyola’s oldest clubs, our mission is to promote literary awareness on campus through activities, meetings, and discussions. If you like to read, write, or do both at the same time (which we don’t advise), then you are perfect for the Loyola Literary Society. We are based out of the English Department on campus, but any student is welcome to join, regardless of major or class year. Last year, we hosted a bookmaking workshop with poet MC Hyland, as well as our first annual Notes on a Page event on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. If you are interested in joining, contact Cathy Carroll (ccarroll@loyola.edu) in the English Department. 

Faculty Sponsor

Dr. Daniel Mangiavellano

LoCoLitSo Events 2015-2016

Co- President: Sean Creedon 
Co-President:  Wes Peters

Fall 2015:

Croquet on the Quad       September 16    Rousing game with students and faculty to celebrate the start of another academic year.

Henry V Gathering          September 23    Gather in the English department for Chipotle and discussion before heading to the American Shakespeare Center's performance.


Notes on a Page               November 17           Our second annual Notes on a Page event features professors speaking about the book "Love in the Time of Cholera" by Gabriel Garcia                                                                              Marquez. Partnered with ALAS (Association of Latin American and Spanish Students), this cultural event features music, cuisine and                                                                             discussion about Colombian culture.

Spring 2016:

Round Table Discussion.  TBD

LoCoLitSo Events 2012-2013

Co- President: Maura Munley, Senior
Co-President:  Megan Byrne, Junior
Vice President: TBD
Secretary: TBD

LoCoLitSo Event Schedule 2012-2013:

Fall Semester  2012:

September 19, 2012- First Meeting
        • Discuss events for the year.
        • Vote for officers.    
October 3, 2012- Croquet on the quad
        • Discuss how to publicize
        • Discuss who will be there
        • Discuss who will hang fliers, etc.
October 10,2012- Croquet on the quad
        • Rain date
English Feast
        • We will be helping with the planning of the Feast. 
Book Drive
    • We will be collecting books and donating them.

Spring Semester  2013

First Meeting
    First Week of School- TBD by club.
Scrabble event:
    • Our beginning of Spring Semester Event will be scrabble.
    • We will challenge the professors and have snacks.
    • Date TBD by club.
Relay Read-a-thon
    • This is our largest event of the year.
    • We will get a relay team of professors and students and read a book for 2 twelve hour
    • All the proceeds  will go to Relay for Life
    • We need to come up with options, and have people vote on which book they want to
    • We need to count the votes.
    • We need to publicize the event.
    • We need to temporarily borrow furniture from humanities to decorate our camp site.
    • We need to get volunteers to read in shifts

 Summary of 2012 - 2013 Events:

Wickets, Tiles and Pies

This was the most active year in memory for LoCoLitSo; the society’s collaborations with the Cura Personalis and Student Futures faculty committees guided many majors toward career goals and shored up our community spirit.

            On October 3rd, students, faculty, and Dr. Forni’s sons played croquet on the quad. Cathy Carroll, our resident croquet aficionado, kicked off the event by showing everyone the ropes—or wickets. Although the participants’ enthusiasm was not matched by their expertise (except for Dr. Norman, who proved to be a fierce malletman), the dozen or so players enjoyed the games, even as they spryly intercepted (sometimes with their noggins) stray football throws from Jesse and Jack Glanz—thereby proving proved that croquet can be a contact sport.

            On October 10th, 22 a dozen students attended an alumni panel presentation featuring five alums in various careers and career stages, including law, sports marketing, student development, writing, editing, and technology. Attending students not heard about the successful if circuitous paths of grads in action; they also learned about and practiced informal networking and mentoring. Along with sage advice, pizza was consumed.

            On January 23rd, LoCoLitSo and the Student Futures Committee held a workshop in conjunction with the Career Center. The twelve attending students were enlightened about career planning. Afterward, faculty sponsors vowed to mount a more concerted effort to involve all Humanities studies in career planning. More pizza was consumed.

            On February 19th, LoCoLitSo sponsored “Scrabble the Scholars,” in which students and faculty engaged in some friendly word competition—while again wolfing down the ubiquitous Italian pies.