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Gender Studies

Criteria for Courses in the Gender Studies Minor

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For a course to be designated as gender studies (GS), two-thirds (2/3) of the course content must meet one or more of the six criteria below:

  1. A significant emphasis on the distinctive experience of women, men, or transgendered people, situated historically, culturally or politically;
  2. A significant emphasis on masculinities and/or femininities and/or other gender identities as categories of analysis;

  3. A significant emphasis on the representation of women and men as gendered subjects;

  4. A significant emphasis on the ways in which gender intersects with other systems of inequality, such as race, class, religion, ethnicity, and sexuality;

  5. A significant focus on women authors or investigators, or on primary sources that directly address or express issues of gendered lives (letters, diaries, political tracts, etc.);

  6. The deployment of a feminist pedagogy, or a pedagogy that raises critical awareness of the gendered dimensions of the course topic.

Faculty: to qualify a course that you teach for a gender studies designation:

Faculty should email Janine Holc, gender studies co-director: Jholc@loyola.edu.  Please submit a brief statement that indicates the name of the course and which criteria you believe it fulfills, along with an electronic copy of your current syllabus and any illustrative assignments.

Students: to qualify a course from another institution (study abroad or transfer credit):

Students should set up an appointment with Janine Holc, gender studies co-Director, if they are on campus and may correspond by email if abroad, Jholc@loyola.edu

  • If the course is yet to be taken: Please provide a current syllabus from the instructor that clearly indicates the discipline, reading material and expected assignments.
  • If the course has been taken: Please provide a brief statement that indicates which criteria above that you believe it fulfills, along with an electronic copy of your current syllabus and any illustrative assignments you completed.