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Dr. Christopher Gardner

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Dr. Christopher Gardner

Visiting Assistant Professor
Office: Humanities 306

Curriculum Vitae 


Christopher Gardner graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a Ph.D. in History in 2002. His previous studies include a degree taken at the University of Edinburgh, an MA in Medieval Studies at Yale, and a BA with Honors from Southern Methodist University. He has taught at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, George Mason University, and Catholic University of America, as well as periodically offering classes at JHU. Course titles include: "The Mediterranean and France in the Ancient and Medieval Eras," "Medieval Cities," "Pilgrims, Crusaders, and Explorers," and "Women, the Family, and the Body Politic in Western Political Thought." He has taught various configurations of western and world civilizations courses as well, in which he enjoys introducing students to the practices, challenges, and ethics of historical analysis to understand meta-changes in economics, politics, and religions. Christopher Gardner has offered numerous papers at conferences pertinent to his doctoral research on urban culture, legal institutions, and the self-definition of urban elites along the European Mediterranean coast in the middle ages. Some of these papers have been published in Annales du Midi, The Encyclopedia of Pilgrimage, and Speculum. He has been teaching as a visiting lecturer at Loyola since 2008, and joins the faculty as a full-time colleague in Fall 2011.

Areas of Specialization

  • Medieval France
  • Urban Culture of the Medieval Mediterranean
  • Roman and Customary Law Traditions in Medieval Courts and Universities


  • HS 101 Europe and the World since 1500
  • HS 304 Renaissance and Reformation Europe
  • HS xxx Medieval Cities