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Winners of the 2011-2012 History Department Essay Contest Announced!

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The History Department is pleased to announce the winners of the 2011-12 History Department essay contest.
We had many excellent papers this year, but the best are listed below. First place essays receive $200, second place essays receive $150, and third place receives $100.
Congratulations to all.

HS 101 Essays

  1. Lauren Mazzoli, “Niccolo Machiavelli: Judging Spaniards as Princes”
  2. Nicole Meily, “Jacob A. Riis’ How the Other Half Lives”
  3. Maura Coyle, “Blind”

Upper-Level Short Essays

  1. Matt Marzicola, “Banking on Reform: Paul Warburg and the Development of the Federal Reserve Act,”
  2. Anthony Vitti, “Maryland Slaves”

Upper-Level Long Essays

  1. Michael McGurk, "The Biography of George Keller: A Young Philadelphian's Journey into Iroquois Country and the American National Identity."
  2. (tie) Mitch Corwin, "The Washington Monument of Baltimore: Private Motivations Behind a Public Memorial."
    Colleen Dorney, "The Great Social Evil: Prostitution in Victorian England, 1855-1860."

Seminar Papers

  1. Anne Russell, " Montserrat: The Irish Role in Anglo-French Warfare"
  2. Merena Gettmann, "Origins and Development of the Gullah Dialect: Analysis of African, English and Caribbean Influences"