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Professor Schmidt honored for Excellence in Service Learning and Engaged Scholarship

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Dr. Elizabeth Schmidt was a co-winner of Loyola's inaugural "Faculty Award for Excellence in Service Learning and Engaged Scholarship." The award was announced at the annual Dean's Symposium on March 19. In presenting Dr. Schmidt's award, Dr. Robin Crews noted: "Betsy initiated and developed her own service-learning partnership with Baltimore organizations that serve African refugees. Over time, her relationship with Baltimore City Community College's Refugee Youth Project (RYP) has deepened and expanded to also benefit other faculty members and their service-learning courses as well. Through RYP's programs, 145 of Betsy's students have served refugee youth and adults. Her students write weekly reflections throughout their semester connecting their experiences to the course's academic content. They make formal presentations to their peers at the end of each semester, sharing their discovered knowledge with one another. Betsy's work with her community partner, BCCC's Refugee Youth Project, has been exemplary and she has been honored with awards from the International Refugee Committee and BCCC's refugee programs."