Loyola University Maryland

Honors Program

Course Sequence for Class of 2012 to 2015

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(See the New Honors Curriculum for Class of 2016)

Students in Honors take 11 courses at the Honors level during their four years at Loyola. Seven of these are Honors seminars, designated HN:

1. HN 200 Honors Freshman Seminar — This is the introductory writing course for Honors students. The course, taken the first semester of freshman year, substitutes for WR100 or WR101 in the core curriculum.

Courses 2 through 5: The Interdisciplinary Four-Course Sequence
Students study the ideas, literature, and history of the western world in chronological order in the following four courses:

2. HN 220 The Ancient World — taken first semester of freshman year.

3. HN 240 Medieval to Renaissance — taken the second semester of freshman year.

4. HN 260 Renaissance to Modern — taken the first semester of sophomore year.

5. HN 280 The Modern World — taken the second semester of sophomore year.

Whenever possible, students are assigned to sections in a sequence that allows them to study, over the course of their freshman and sophomore years, with professors from four different disciplines: English, History, Philosophy, and Theology. HN220, 240, 260, and 280 substitute for the core courses English 130, History 101, Philosophy 201, and Theology 201. A student who takes HN220 with a philosophy professor, for example, fulfills his or her first philosophy core requirement (in lieu of PL201). The next semester, that student would be assigned to a section of HN240 taught by a professor from one of the other three disciplines. If you are uncertain which departmental core requirement you are fulfilling in each course of the HN220-280 sequence, just ask the director, your advisor, or the instructors themselves.

6. HN290 Honors: Art History or HN291 Honors: Music or HN292 Honors: Theater (Students choose one course from this group; taken second semester of sophomore year; satisfies core requirement in fine arts)

Junior Year Course:

7. HN 300 Honors Junior Seminar — this course satisfies the core ethics requirement; it is taken the first semester of junior year.

Courses 8 - 11 are regular upper-division disciplinary courses, through which Honors students fulfill their second core requirement in English (EN)**, History (HS), Philosophy (PL), and Theology (TH). Honors students, once they have completed the appropriate course in the HN220-280 sequence, take their choice of upper-level courses in these disciplines, skipping the usual 200-level requirements in EN, PL, and TH, and the usual 300-level requirement in HS. When a student has taken HN 220 with a philosophy professor, for example, that student is permitted to take his or her upper-division Philosophy requirement. (Departments may impose restrictions according to class year in certain cases.) The second required course in English must be a 300-level course; in Philosophy and Theology, a course above 320, excluding Logic and Ethics; in History, either a Special Topics course (HS 410-459) or a Seminar (HS 460-499).

** The English Department has launched a website that they hope will be useful to Honors students who take 300-level English courses for their second English core without having had training in writing MLA-style research papers.