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Honors Program Events 2013-2014

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This is what we have lined up so far!  More to come!

Below is the early list of events for 2013-14. The Center Stage dates have now been confirmed. We will have 18 tickets for each of the Center Stage plays. We will also be posting a series of concerts at Peabody for which we will have tickets. Shuttles will be provided for each event. 

***Sign up for tickets and trips in HU 231B (Ingram's office) except when directed otherwise.
***Center Stage tickets may be picked up during the week of the performance.
***Directions for picking up a Peabody ticket will be posted closer to each event.

Seniors: Plan ahead and make a note of the wine tasting in the spring in your honor.

  Thursday, 29 Honors Freshmen move in and orientation
  Monday, 2 Homer and Pizza—Freshmen Class
Discussion of Odyssey and pizza dinner in the common area of Theology department,  6-8 p.m.
  Tuesday, 3 Classes start
  Wednesday, 18 Odds Bodkin Performance,  " Book 1 of Homer's Iliad" 7:00 pm McGuire West
  Wednesday, 25 The American Shakespeare Company's 25th Anniversary World's Mine Oyster Tour
Otello 7:00 PM, McManus Theatre
  Thursday, 26 The American Shakespeare Company's 25th Anniversary World's Mine Oyster Tour
The Merry Wives of Windsor 7:00 PM, McManus Theatre
  Friday, 27 The American Shakespeare Company 
Henry IV, Part 1 7:00 PM, McManus Theatre
Convocation and Nachbahr Lecture
"The Life of the Mind at Today's University: What Would Dante Say?"
Dr. Leslie Zarker Morgan, Modern Languaghes and Literatures (and Honors) 5:00 PM Reitz Arena
   NEW DATE Wednesday, 2 Honors Program Dinner
Dress is jacket and tie for gentlemen, comparable attire for ladies. This event is for the entire program: all students and faculty. The dinner will be in McGuire Hall at 6 p.m. RSVPS are necessary by Sept. 23.
   Friday, 4

Animal Crackers   
Book by George S. Kaufman and Morrie Ryskind.
The toe-tapping, knee-slapping Marx Brothers classic gets a zany new revival in this gem of American musical comedy.   The society party of the season has landed at the Rittenhouse estate, but the disappearance of a valuable painting threatens to spoil the affair.  Thankfully, Captain Spaulding is on the case! Or is he? Filled with secret identities, love affairs, and stolen art, Animal Crackers proves the comedy genius of the Marx Brothers is as spot on as ever.
Center Stage, 8:00 pm.  Shuttle leaves promptly at 7:15 from behind Maryland Hall.

  Friday, 11 Peabody Improvisational and Multimedia Ensemble.
7:30 East Hall. Shuttle leaves promptly at 6:45 from behind Maryland Hall.
  Friday, 18 Semester break
  Saturday, 26 Freshmen Honors Trip to New York City; the MET
Sign up by Sept. 23 with Ingram. Further details on where and when to sign up for the bus and tours will be announced later. The freshmen are expected to attend the Ancient Gallery tours.
   Friday, 8

Peabody Latin Jazz Ensemble
7:30 pm East Hall. Shuttle leaves promptly at 6:45 from behind Maryland Hall.

  Thursday, 21 A Civil War Christmas by Paula Vogel
Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Paula Vogel spins a musical tale of hope and forgiveness. It’s a bitterly cold Christmas Eve in 1864 and all along the Potomac, from the White House to the battlefields, friends and foes alike find their lives strangely and poetically intertwined.  Weaving together carols, hymns, and folk songs, this “beautifully stitched tapestry of American lives” (The New York Times) is sure to become a new holiday classic for the entire family.
Center Stage, 7:00 pm. Shuttle leaves leaving promptly at 6:15 from behind Maryland Hall.
   Friday, 22

Peabody Renaissance Ensemble and Baltimore Baroque Band
**This is primarily a class event for the HN203 sections. There may be extra tickets for other HN students as well so check with Ingram.

Renaissance and Baroque music of England  7:30 Leith Symington Griswold Hall shuttle leaving  promptly at 6:45 from behind Maryland Hall.

  Wednesday, 4 Honors Christmas Party
Hug Lounge 5-7:30 p.m.
Entertainment provided by the Honors class of 2016!
Bring your gift for charity to the party. Details will be given later.
              Seniors --Note the date for the wine tasting.
  Tuesday, 14 Classes start
   Friday, 31 Stones in His Pockets by Marie Jones
When a big Hollywood film crew takes over a small Irish town, the locals line up to earn their “40-quid-a-day” as extras—and maybe pursue some dreams of their own. Charlie wants to write a blockbuster screenplay, while Jake would settle for a date with the lovely leading lady.  Where they and their neighbors end up ultimately surprises them all. An “uproarious, joyful evening” (New York Daily News) with two actors  playing more than a dozen characters, Stones is an acting tour de force both rollicking and poignant.
Center Stage 8:00 pm. Shuttles leaves from behind Maryland Hall at 7:15.
   Thursday, 6

 Joel Christensen Lecture  "Emerging from the Cyclops' Cave: Odysseus' Odyssey and Breaking Bad's Walter White" 
Knott Hall Basement 03 at 5 pm

   Friday 7 Peabody Concert--Peabody Concert Orchestra 
Orchestra Hajime Teri Murai, Music Director  Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No.8 in F major, Op.93; Dmitri Shostakovich: Symphony No.5 in D minor, Op 47  Concert at 8:00 pm. Miriam Friedberg Concert Hall, Peabody.  Shuttle leaves from behind Maryland Hall at 7:15. 
   Friday, 14 Peabody Concert--Peabody Wind Ensemble
Harlan D. Parker, Conductor; Marina Piccinini, Flute  Gustav Holst: First Suite in E-flat for Military Band, Op 28, No 1; Joel Puckett: The Shadow of Sirius; John Mackey: Aurora Awakes; Michael Colgrass: Winds of Nagual.  Miriam Friedberg Concert Hall, Peabody Concert at 7:30 pm. Shuttle leaves from behind Maryland Hall at 6:45 pm. 
   Thursday, 20-Friday, 22  Allie Terry-Fritsch Lecture and discussion group  "Performing Jerusalem: Renaissance Pilgrims, Terracotta Saints and the Virtual Holy Land at San Vivaldo in Tuscany" Time and location TBA.
  Saturday, 1- Sunday, 9 SPRING BREAK
  Monday, 10 -Saturday, 15 Humanities Symposium Week—Walden by Henry David Thoreau.
  Wednesday, 12 Student/Faculty Colloquia-McManus Theatre during class times 8-5
  Thursday, 13

Student/Faculty Colloquia--McManus Theatre during class times 8-5:15

Humanities Symposium Keynote:  
6:00 PM, McGuire Hall 

  Friday, 28  Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare.
Revelry, disguises, swashbuckling, and (of course) pining lovers abound in what some call Shakespeare’s most perfect comedy. Twins Viola and Sebastian, separated in a shipwreck and presuming each other dead, wash ashore in the beautiful but mysterious land of Illyria.  A tale of mistaken identity and mismatched ardor unfurls as lords and ladies, servants and masters wind a topsy-turvy path to happiness. 
Center Stage, 8 pm. Shuttle leaves at 7:15 from behind Maryland Hall.
   Friday, 11  Peabody Concert --Peabody Renaissance Ensemble
Mark Cudek, Director  Medieval and Renaissance Music of Spain
Leith Symington Griswold Hall, Peabody. Concert at 7:30. Shuttle leaves from behind Maryland Hall at 6:45 pm.
  Thursday, 17-21 Easter Break
  Monday, 28 Last Day of Classes
  Tuesday, 13 Wine tasting for the class of 2014!
 With Dr. Paul Lukacs, 7 - 10 p.m. Invitations will be sent. McGuire Hall East.
  Saturday, 17 GRADUATION