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#yamecansé: Murdered College Students and Popular Unrest in Mexico Panel Discussion and Q&A

Tuesday, November 18 4:00 to 5:00pm Auditorium, Loyola-NDM Library

Right now, all over Mexico protests are being held nightly. Last Friday Mexico’s Attorney General announced that forty-three students from a teacher’s college, missing for more than a month, had been executed and incinerated in a municipal dump. The crime, the result of the corruption of town officials and the escalating violence of major drug cartels that hold sway in many parts of the country. Immediately after the announcement, popular discontent with local and national governments, in collusion with drug traffickers or ineffectual in combating them, exploded on social networks via #yamecansé [I’ve had enough] and #yamecansédelmiedo [I’ve had enough of fear] and in the street. Can popular protests create the kind of change that Mexico needs? What will happen next?

Come hear about on-going crisis in a panel discussion with Mexican university students visiting NDM this month along with professors. Discussion in English.

Sponsored by the Department of Classical and Modern Languages of Notre Dame and the Department of Modern Languages & Literatures of Loyola, & Latin American and Latino Studies.

Florentina Dalila Cedeño Quintero

A Talk on Nicaragua

Dalila es una organizadora y promotora del Bono Productivo, un programa sobre la agricultura del gobierno central de Nicaragua. Ella sirve en comités de agua potable en El Morcillo.

El miércoles 19 de Noviembre
A las 4 de la Tarde
Lugar: Knott Hall B03 (Basement)

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Co-sponsered by the Latin American and Latino Studies and CASA Baltimore/Limay, a Sister City Project. 

Para information, contact a Thomas Ward (ext 2370; tward@loyola.edu) o Natalie Rock (ext. 2780; nrock@loyola.edu).

Grandes escritores que fueron bibliotecarios

Angel Esteban 

Universidad de Granada/University of Delaware 

Angel Esteban discutirá su nuevo libro El escritor en su paraíso sobre autores que tuvieron que ganarse la vida trabajando de bibliotecarios.

El martes 30 de Septiembre
A las 4 de la Tarde
Lugar: Flanner O'Conner 230


Sponsored by: Modern Languages and Literatures, Latin American & Latino Studies, and Dean of First Year Students

Para information, contact a Thomas Ward (ext 2370; tward@loyola.edu) o Natalie Rock (ext. 2780; nrock@loyola.edu).

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