Loyola University Maryland

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Class of 2008

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Abigail Bullock, Morgan Stanley, (Analyst)

Maureen DellaRocca, Monmouth Regional High School, New Jersey

Matthew Filipski, Boeing (Software Developer)

Elizabeth Gaudio, Fellowship at Federal Drug Administration (Statistical Researcher)

Jessica Klein, Catonsville High School, Maryland

Christina Martin, Mercy High School (teaching Algebra 1 & 2)

Erin McCartin, Advertising.com (Business Analyst)

Dorothy Minervini, Wood-Ridge High School, New Jersey

Stephen Rinaldo is a teacher at a middle school in New York City.  He is getting a masters degree in instructional technology, and his ambient rock band has just released a new EP, available for download now.

Mary Ellen Ross, West Morris Mendham High School, New Jersey

Christa Shuman, Booz Allen Hamilton (Consultant)

Lindsay Walker, Married; new mom to daughter, Emily