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Mathematics and Statistics: Class of 2015

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Pictures from Farewell to Seniors Dinner

 Math and Statistics - 2015

 Farewell to Seniors Dionner - 2015

Plans of the Class of 2015

Anna Bosse: I will be pursuing my PhD in Biostatistics at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine!

Margaret Dawson: Applying for jobs in between well deserved naps!

Rachael Degnan: I have signed a contract with Howard County for a Secondary Mathematics teaching position for the upcoming school year. At this time, I do not know the specific school, but it will either be middle or high school.

Tess DeMarco: Client Services Anaylst with Markit (a financial services group based in New York in Times Square).

Allison Rose: Will begin a job at Goldman Sachs as a technology analyst in July.

David Wilson: Will be working on the Atlantic City Beach Patrol and applying to MD/PhD programs.