Loyola University Maryland

Department of Mathematics and Statistics


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The Chair Dr. Dipa Sarkar Dey, x2898, KH 301c
Administrative Assistant Ms. Pat Scholtz, x2328, KH 306
Actuarial Science Concentration Dr. Richard Auer, x2523, KH 310
Applied Math Concentration Dr. Mili Shah, x2724, KH 316d
General Program Dr. Lisa Oberbroeckling, x2516, KH 312
Pure Math Concentration Dr. Michael Knapp, x2382, KH301e
Secondary Education Concentration Dr. Ethan Duckworth, x2607, KH 301g
Dr. Timothy Clark, x5088, KH 308
Statistics Concentrations Dr. Christopher Morrell, x2629, KH 301f
Math Minor Dr. Jiyuan Tao, x5419, KH 316c
Statistics Minor Dr. Christopher Morrell, x2629, KH 301f
Summer Course Approval Dr. Dipa Sarkar Dey, Chair, x2898, KH 301c
Tutoring The Tutor Coordinator - see the Tutoring Homepage
Department Web pages Dr. Christopher Morrell, x2629, KH 301f