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Information on 161 Courses

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The 161-level language courses (offered in French, German, Italian, and Spanish) are open to all students beginning a language or those who place into either the 101 or 102 level. The 161 courses are review courses for students who have had three years of language study in high school or for students or wish to begin a second modern language. 

The material covered is essentially the same as for the 101-102 sequence, except that it is covered in one semester instead of two. This includes a thorough grounding in the five language skills: reading, understanding, speaking, writing, and cultural appreciation, as well as an understanding of the structure of the language, cultures and literatures of the countries that speak the language studied.  Special emphasis is placed on preparing students to begin work at the intermediate language level.

Courses offered:

  • FR 161 - Comprehensive Beginning French
  • GR 161 - Comprehensive Beginning German
  • IT 161 - Comprehensive Beginning Italian
  • SN 161 - Comprehensive Beginning Spanish