Loyola University Maryland

Graduate Programs in Montessori Education/Partner AMI Institutes

Master of Education

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Montessori studentsThe Master of Education degree (M.Ed.) consists of 36 graduate credits plus comprehensive written and oral exams. The coursework is divided into two parts.

The Montessori Content courses total 27 credit hours and comprise the requirements for the AMI diploma. These courses are taken at the partner AMI institute. Although the Montessori Content courses are listed as discrete courses for purposes of registration, the actual instruction is presented as an integrated, interdisciplinary program of child development, methodology, practice, observation, and practice teaching.

The Education Core courses total 9 credit hours and are taken in residence at the main campus of Loyola University in Baltimore, Maryland. These courses are designed to broaden the student’s knowledge of research and trends in the field of education. For the convenience of students, the Education Core courses are offered during a special intensive summer session scheduled mid-June through mid-July. Students must also complete an independent study and submit two research papers as part of ED625-Advanced Studies in Education.