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Fall Semester

September 15: Leave for the UK

September 16: Arrive in the UK

September 17-20: International Welcome Week and Loyola Orientation in Newcastle

September 21-24:  Overnight Trip to London

September 24-27: Fresher’s Week in Newcastle

September 28:  Day Trip to Tynemouth

October 12-13: Spend the night in Alnwick Castle

October 19: Newcastle United Football Game

October 26: Day Trip to Hadrian’s Wall

November 5: Bonfire Night

November 8-10: FALL ONLY Students-Overnight Trip to Paris

November 16: Day Trip to York

November 28: Thanksgiving Dinner at Alnwick Castle

November 30: Day Trip to Durham

December 14: Farewell Dinner

Spring Semester

January 22-24: International Welcome Week for Spring Semester Students

January 25: Buddy Meal (Full Years meet Spring Semester Students)

February 1: Day Trip to York

February 14-16: Overnight Trip to Edinburgh

March 1: Day Trip Tynemouth

March 15-16: Overnight Trip to the Scottish Highlands and Glasgow

March 29-April 6: Weeklong Trip to Various Cities in France

May 9-11: Overnight trip to Berlin

May 24: Day Trip to Beamish

June 7: Farewell Meal


Fall Semester

September 14: Depart for Newcastle 

September 20- September 23: London

September 27: Tynemouth

October 11: Alnwick, Bamburgh, and Dustanburgh Castles

October 17-19: Fall students ONLY Paris

November 1: York

November 5: Bonfire Night

November 8: Hadrian’s Wall

November 22-23: Edinburgh

November 27: Thanksgiving

December 6: Farewell Meal

December 12: Last day of Term

December 15-19: Exams 

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