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Loyola Magazine interviewed Dr. Carolyn Barry about the Messina Program for their spring issue. Dr. Barry taught an introductory psychology course under the program this year entitled, "The Long and Winding Road: Psychology for Life." The word Messina refers to the first-year seminars, enrichment hours and learning groups that connect faculty, administrators and first-year students with the rich Jesuit tradition at Loyola.

"If we can get students engaged in the life of the University from the day they walk on campus, then we will have a much more vibrant campus," says Dr. Barry. 

Through Messina new incoming students are challenges to think critically, discover personal strengths and find ways to use their talents toward the needs of their campus, local and global communities. By the end of their first year at Loyola, students will view Messina as having contributed to their development on a whole, preparing them both academically and socially at Loyola and the world beyond.

Read the full article online at: http://magazine.loyola.edu/issue/default/6295/inside-messina-transforming-students-one-course-at-a-time