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Dr. Grover and Dr. KotchickDr. Rachel Grover and Dr. Beth Kotchick were honored at the Maryland Day Dean's Symposium held on March 23, 2012. Hosted by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Tim Snyder, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, Rev. Jim Miracky and President, Rev. Brian Linnane this symposium is held in recognition of the scholary achievements of the Loyola faculty. Dr. Kotchick received the Faculty Award in Excellence in Engaged Scholarship this year, and Dr. Grover was invited to present at the event. Her speech entitled Girl Friend, Boy Friend, Girlfriend, Boyfriend: Negotiating Difficult Other‐Sex Situations in the Teen Years" dealt with the impact that varied gender relationships have on adolescent development.

"Contemporary researchers agree that adolescent other-sex friendships and other-sex romantic relationships likely serve important developmental functions. Some are similar to what we know same-sex friendships provide: companionship, additional social support, and affection. There are also some unique functions. For example research on romantic relationships in high school shows that having a boyfriend or girlfriend enhances peer status. Also, other-sex relationships may provide opportunities for experimentation with sex role behaviors and sexual activity. Participation in romantic relationships during the teen years has been associated with several positive outcomes including increased feelings of self-worth and competence. Difficulties in romantic relationships during the teen years have been linked to depression, anxiety, academic adjustment, and violence in teen relationships. Therefore, it is important for us to determine what competent behavior looks like and how to assess competence in these heterosocial situations." - Excerpted from Dr. Grover's speech

Congratulations to both Beth and Rachel on being honored at this year's symposium!