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Martin ShermanMartin Sherman, Ph.D., recently co-authored three publications examining the lessons we need to learn from the terrorist destruction of the World Trade Center towers 10 years ago:

Baltimore-area newspaper, The Catholic Review, interviewed Sherman on his work as he has studied the evacuation process from that morning through research with survivors.

“Presenting the consequences of a disaster is helpful so that people can better prepare for one that may be headed their way, but it’s not just headlines, like when a hurricane is nearly upon us, but a matter of helping promote regularly the reality of how we always need to be ready and prepared,” said Sherman.

“That’s part of the way we can develop resiliency,” he said, “and that’s the way we can survive.”

Additionally Dr. Sherman was interivewed by Canadian news outlet ILSTV as part of their 10-year commemorative series on World Trade Center attacks, 

"We need to prepare people for this because we never know where and when this might happen," said Sherman.

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