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Congratulations to Mark Pierson, M.S. Clinical Thesis Track, for receiving the Graduate Medal for Achievement Excellence in Psychology at this year's Emerging Scholars: A Celebration of Graduate Research poster session for his research in postpartum anxiety. Mark was interviewed by Loyola Magazine regarding the development of his research, which focuses on creating a screening tool to help diagnose and treat postpartum anxiety, a different condition that requires separate treatments.

"When I met with Jason M. Prenoveau, Ph.D., at Loyola University Maryland about the prospect with working together on my master’s thesis, he already had this project in the works. I was familiar with some of the literature germane to anxiety, which made working with him a good fit," Mark explained. "Dr. Prenoveau presented the project of validating a screening questionnaire for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) based on the responses from postpartum women. I was interested in the research project, but I also knew that I had a lot to learn from Dr. Prenoveau and his statistical prowess."

Mark co-authored a entry on the two-factor theory of avoidance learning with Assistant Professor of Psychology, Dr. Jason Prenoveau, on a two-factor theory of avoidance learning in, Phobias: The Psychology of Irrational Fear, An Encyclopedia

"Mark has been an absolute pleasure to work with," said Dr. Prenoveau. "He quickly learned and used many difficult, advanced statistical techniques for his thesis analyses, and his thesis research has the potential to make a huge real-world impact in the identification and treatment of postpartum generalized anxiety disorders."

Mark is also a member of several national honor societies, including Sigma Alpha Lambda, National Leadership and Honors Organization; Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology; the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi; and Alpha Sigma Nu, the National Jesuit Honor Society.

Congratulations Mark on all of your success and achievements!

Read the Mark's full interview online at: http://magazine.loyola.edu/issue/academics/7004/graduating-greyhounds-2014-mark-pierson-ms-in-psychology