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APSCC eNews - The Association for Psychological Science Student Caucus (APSSC) has named Matthew Shannon, Masters Clinical Thesis Track, as the campus representative of the month. Matt has been the APSSC student liason for Loyola since 2012 and continues to be an enthusiastic supporter of psychological science and the APSSC.

In addition to his coursework, Matt is a graduate assistant in the Office of Student Engagement at Loyola where he plans and coordinates leadership development programs and opportunities for undergraduate students. He has combined his thesis project with his on-campus work by investigating the positive benefits of social support and student engagement for upperclassmen student mentors of college freshman and is currently working on a research project focusing on the influence of parental involvement on emerging adults' school engagement.

After graduating from Loyola, Matt intends to work towards his Ph.D. and continue to investigate the elements of interpersonal relationships that facilitate mutual growth and collaborative progress. As a career goal, he wants to help organizations and businesses maximize their efficiency and working environment as an Industrial/Organizational Psychology consultant.

Matt is also the past treasurer and current president of Loyola's Graduate Student Organization (GSO), a group that facilitates social and educational programs for the University's graduate student population. He is the secretary for the Phi Beta Kappa Alumni Association of Greater Baltimore and the graduate student liaison for Loyola's Psi Chi Chapter. Matt was also the recipient of the Loyola Psychology Student Professional Development Award, which provided him funding to attend the 25th APS Annual Convention.

Congratulations Matt on all of your success and achievements!