Loyola University Maryland

Department of Psychology

Adanna J. Johnson-Evans, Ph.D.

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A JohnsonAssociate Professor of Psychology

Office: Beatty Hall, Room 222G
Telephone: 410-617-2537
Email: AJJohnson@loyola.edu


  • B.S. (Psychology with minor in Spanish, magna cum laude), Prarie View A&M University
  • M.A. (Counseling with Community Emphasis), Marquette University
  • Ph.D. (Counseling Psychology), Marquette University

Scholarly Interests:

Involved in multicultural research and recruitment and retention activities for students of color in higher education. Clinical work has focused on helping children and adolescents and their families better understand themselves and each other. Holistic approach to psychology in which she teaches her clients to find balance between spirit, mind and body in order to address concerns in their everyday lives. Begun a new line of research in the use of traditional African healing modalities in a modern therapeutic context.

Representative Publications:

Lyons, H. Z., Bike, D. H., Johnson, A. J., & Bethea, A. (2012). Culturally competent qualitative
     research with People of African Descent. Journal of Black Psychology, 38 (2), 153-171.

Pruitt, N. T., Catlin, L., Johnson, A. J., & Knox, S. (2010). Influences on female counseling
     psychology associate professors’ decisions regarding pursuit of full-professorship.
     The Counseling Psychologist, 38 (8), 1139-1173.

Coleman, M. N., & Johnson, A.J.  (2009). Sankofa: History of and aspirations for Black
     psychology through the eyes of our elders. In  H. A. Neville, B. M. Tynes, & S. O Utsey
     (Eds.), The Handbook of African American Psychology. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Burkard, A. W., Johnson, A. J., Madison, M. B., Pruitt, N. T., Contreras-Tadych, D. A.,
     Kowlowski, J. M., Hess, S. A. & Knox, S. (2006). Supervisor cultural responsiveness and
     unresponsiveness in cross-cultural supervision. Journal of Counseling Psychology,
     53, 3, 288-301.

Knox, S., Burkard, A. W., Johnson, A. J., Ponterotto, J. & Suzuki, L. (2003). Effects of
     addressing race in African American and European American cross-racial psychotherapy
     dyads. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 50, 2, 466-481.

Course Offerings:

PY615: Advanced Abnormal Psychology
PY925: Clinical Applications Assessment