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Master's Field Education Program

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The externship experience is an opportunity for students to apply concepts developed in academic coursework. Coordinated programs between the department and a variety of community resources have been established to fulfill student externship requirements and needs.

Externships allow students to gain practical experience in a mental health setting within the community. The emphasis in the externship is to provide opportunities for students to practice the skills and techniques acquired in their classes under the supervision of an experienced mental health worker or clinician. The Externships in Clinical Psychology (PY702 and PY703) involve training and experience in clinical skills, including psychological assessment, while the Externships in Counseling Psychology (PY731 and PY732) focus on the application of counseling and therapy skills. The Research Externships (PY700 and PY701) involves participation in a university- or government-based research program.

Externships are arranged through collaboration between the student, the director of master’s education, and the site supervisor.

Two clinical externships are required for the M.S. clinical degree, practitioner track, and two counseling externships are required for the M.S. counseling degree, practitioner track; only one research externship is required for the M.S., Thesis Track and one externship may chosen as an elective for CAS students. Clinical students may elect to take a counseling externship and use it as an elective. The externship is required for all M.S. Practitioner Track students.

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In addition, LCPC students who need a Supervised Field Experience to fulfill the LCPC requirement may also obtain permission to enroll in a counseling externship.