Loyola University Maryland

Department of Psychology

Required Psychology Courses for Majors in Class of 2014

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The following six courses are required for all psychology majors:

  • PY101: Introductory Psychology
  • PY201: Social Psychology
  • PY202: Psychology (formerly Abnormal Psychology)
  • PY203: Psychology of Personality
  • PY291: Research Methods I (with Lab) - Note statistics prerequisite
  • PY292: Research Methods II (with Lab)

Majors must also choose the specified number of courses from each of the following groups:

Group I: Advanced Topics (choose two)

  • PY404: Ethics
  • PY412: Evolutionary Psychology
  • PY413: Psychological Tests and Measurements
  • PY414: Advanced Statistics with Computer Applications
  • PY415: Psychological Systems and Theories
  • PY417: Special Topics in Psychology and Catholic Studies
  • PY418: Research Seminar in Psychology I  (formerly Special Topics in Psychology)
  • PY419: Research Seminar in Psychology II (formerly Advanced Special Topics in Psychology)
  • PY300: Independent Research in Psychology I
  • PY400: Independent Research in Psychology II

Group II: Learning and Cognition (choose one)

  • PY221: Psychology of Learning
  • PY222: Cognitive Psychology

Group III: Behavioral Neuroscience (formerly Biopsychology; choose one)

  • PY331: Biopsychology
  • PY332: Human Neuropsychology (formerly Introduction to Neuroscience)
  • PY333: Sensation and Perception

Group IV: Developmental (choose one)

  • PY241: Child Development (formerly Child Psychology)
  • PY242: Adolescent Development (formerly Adolescent Psychology)
  • PY243: Adult Development
  • PY244: Life Span Development (formerly Life-Span Psychology)

Group V: Social/Multicultural (choose one)

  • PY253: Multicultural Issues in Psychology
  • PY254: Psychology of Women
  • PY255: Psychology of Religion
  • PY353: Contemporary Issues in Psychology

Group VI: Clinical/Applied (choose one)

  • PY261: Introduction to Health Psychology
  • PY262: Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • PY323: Introduction to Counseling
  • PY325: Controlling Stress and Tension
  • PY326: Substance Abuse: Diagnosis and Treatment
  • PY327: Psychology of Sleep and Dreaming
  • PY351: Interpersonal Behavior
  • PY352: Group Process
  • PY420: Applications in Psychology
  • PY421: Forensic Psychology
  • PY435: Field Experience in Psychology I


§  In addition to the 13 courses mentioned above, students are to choose two more courses from any of the groups to serve as psychology electives.

§  PY101 is a prerequisite for all other PY courses.

§   ST110 or ST210 or ST265 is ideally taken prior to PY291, but it may be taken concurrently. This statistics requirement must be completed prior to taking PY292. These are the only math courses that fulfill the pre-/corequisite for PY291.

§  Psychology majors and interdisciplinary majors are strongly encouraged to take BL105; however, they may take BL121/BL126 (and in the case of BL/PY are required to take BL121/126). Taking either BL105 or BL121 serves as the prerequisite for Group III courses.

§  Students must complete the diversity requirement through a designated diversity core, major, or elective course (see Diversity Requirement under Curriculum and Policies).