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Dr. Patrick Brugh 

Affiliate Assistant Professor
Beatty Hall 306D

Courses Frequently Taught: SC210 Introduction to Gender Studies

Giselle Ferretto

Affiliate Assistant Professor
Beatty Hall 306D

Courses Frequently Taught: SC402 Social Work Practicum and Seminar

See Gisele Ferretto's bio, or view her CV.

Dr. Michelle Gawerc

GawercAssistant Professor
310 Beatty Hall

Research Interests and Activities: Dr. Gawerc’s main research interests include the sociology of peace, war, and social conflict, social movements, organizational studies, and ethnic relations in an international context. Her primary area of focus is Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories, although her interests extend more generally to societies in or emerging from protracted conflict.

Courses Frequently Taught: SC102 Societies and Institutions, SC339 Conflict, War and Peace, SC376 Conflict Narratives, Media Discourse and Peacebuilding: Israel/Palestine, SC377 Social Movements and Social Protest,  SC441 Seminar: Reconciliation and Justice after (and during) Violent Conflict

See Michelle Gawerc's bio.

Dr. Joshua Hendrick

HendrickAssistant Professor
313 Beatty Hall

Research Interests and Activities: Dr. Hendrick’s teaching and research interests overlap in the fields of political sociology, social movements, the sociology of religion, human rights, and development studies with a primary regional focus in Turkey, and a secondary focus in the broader Middle East.  

Courses Frequently Taught: SC102 Societies and Institutions, SC378 Islamic Political Identity and Activism, SC373 Sociology of Human Rights, SC374 Sociology of Development, Theory, SC344 Qualitative Sociological Inquiry.  

See Joshua Hendrick's bio

M. Antonia Keane, MA

KeaneAssociate Professor
Beatty Hall 312

Research Interests and Activities: President, Catholic Community of St. Michael and St. Patrick; Vice President, Board of Trustees, Enoch Pratt Free Library

Courses Frequently Taught: SC204 The Family, SC205 Social Problems, SC332 The Sociology of Crime and Criminals, SC434 Seminar: Women and Deviance

See Antonia Keane's bio, or view her C.V. (PDF).

Dr. Julie Knight

Affiliate Assistant Professor
Beatty 013

Research Interests and Activities:  Dr. Knight’s research interests are interdisciplinary in nature, including economic sociology, human geography and globalization.  Her most recent research focuses on understanding the complex motivations of transnational migrants.

Courses Frequently Taught: SC102 Societies and Institutions, SC440 Global Sociology..

See Julie Knight's bio, or view her CV.

Dr. Amanda Konradi

KonradiAssistant Professor
Beatty 306A
410-617-5401 (e-mail is preferred)

Research Interests and Activities: Dr. Konradi's research has focused on the prosecution of sexual assault and gendering of the criminal justice process and on the teaching of social problems.

Courses Frequently Taught: SC101 Self and Society, SC210 Introduction to Gender Studies, SC331 Deviance and Social Control, SC342 Social Research Methods, SC344 Qualitative Sociological Inquiry, SC367 Criminal Justice, SC498 Forensic Studies Experience..

See Amanda Konradi's bio and C.V.

Dr. Asha Layne 

Affiliate Assistant Professor
Beatty 306D

Research Interests and Activities: Ms. Layne’s research interests include domestic violence, juvenile violence, criminal justice/criminology, victimology, and community based organizations through the study of social inequality. Ms. Layne has conducted research on community based resources for juvenile victims of domestic violence. Her current research examines the analysis of community differences on the subtypes of domestic violence. 

Courses Frequently Taught: SC101 Self and Society

Dr. Mark F. Peyrot

PeyrotProfessor & Department Chair
Beatty Hall 313

Research Interests and Activities: Dr. Peyrot’s current research examines psychosocial aspects in the management of and adjustment to chronic disease, especially diabetes.

Courses Frequently Taught: SC101 Self and Society, SC102 Societies and Institutions, SC106 Health and Society, SC211 Political Commentary in Popular Media, SC364 Psychosocial Factors in Health, Illness, and Medicine, SC410 Seminar: Social Organization of Everyday Life, SC414 Seminar: Psychosocial Factors in Health, Illness, and Medicine

See Mark Peyrot's bio, or view his C.V. (PDF).

William Sheppard, MA

Affiliate Instructor
Beatty 013

Research Interests and Activities: Mr. Sheppard's current research includes the analysis of cultural systems of power including ethnicity, race and religion through the study of material culture in Historic Archaeology. Mr. Sheppard has conducted and directed research and excavations of archaeological sites in the Eastern United States ranging from Late Woodland Native American, early Colonial through late 18th and 19th century domestic and industrial sites.

Courses Frequently Taught: SOC 104 Cultural Anthropology

See William Sheppard's bio, or view his C.V.

SmithDr. H. Lovell Smith

Assistant Professor
Beatty Hall 311

Courses Frequently Taught: SC103 American Society, SC221 Sociology of Race, Class, and Gender, SC331 Deviance and Social Control, SC361 Social Inequality, SC343 Survey Design and Analysis, SC365 Neighborhood and Community in Urban America, SC448 Seminar: Analyzing Race, Class, and Gender

See Lovell Smith's bio.

Jill-Kristi Tyler, MSW

Affiliate Assistant Professor
Beatty Hall 13

Courses Frequently Taught: SC214 Introduction to Social Work, SC309 Child Welfare

See  Jill-Kristi Tyler's bio.

Dr. Barbara VannVann

Associate Professor
Beatty Hall 316

Research Interests and Activities:

Courses Frequently Taught: SC101 Self and Society, SC210 Introduction to Gender Studies, SC220 Sociology of Sexuality, SC355 Sociological Theory, SC230 Introduction to Czech Culture and Society, SC231 Independent Study in Prague

See Barbara Vann's bio, or view her CV (PDF)

Dr. Eileen Walsh 

Affiliate Assistant Professor

Beatty Hall 306F


Research Interests and Activities: Within the anthropology of contemporary China, Walsh focuses on gender, ethnicity and development, civil society and law, tourism and consumption, modernity and nationalism.  Her research in southwest China has looked at tourism as a nexus of globalisation and development, and traces the transformations which tourism has brought to the Mosuo ethnic minority group.  Walsh’s publications describe the complex negotiations between various levels of governance, the tourism industry, and locals in managing this area and the changes caused by tourism development.  Walsh has taught anthropology, women’s studies and China courses at the University of Oxford, Skidmore College, and several other universities in the United States.

Courses Frequently Taught: SC102 Societies and Institutions, SC374 Sociology of Development

Retired Faculty

Dr. Michael G. Burton 

BurtonProfessor Emeritus, Retired 2011

Research Interests and Activities: Burton's main research interests are in the broad area of political sociology, and more specifically in national elites and the foundations of political stability and democracy.

See C.V. (PDF).

Dr. Jai P. Ryu

Professor, Retired 2012Ryu

See C.V. (PDF).