Loyola University Maryland

Department of Speech-Language Pathology

Graduate Learning Aims and Outcomes

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Graduate Learning Outcomes

Master Knowledge and Skills

  • Meet the criteria for mastery of professional knowledge and skills according to the guidelines for the Certification of
  • Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.
  • Consult interdisciplinary research sources and work with professionals from other disciplines.
  • In the graduate program and after graduation, engage in continued learning and on-going professional development.

Think Critically

  • All graduates will be able to communicate effectively in spoken and written language.
  • Throughout the academic and clinical program, students will demonstrate problem-solving skills. This can be observed and documented through the clinical diagnostic and treatment experiences.
  • Through pre-professional portfolios, students will demonstrate their ability to access, evaluate, and disseminate data and information effectively.

Manifest Leadership and Social Responsibility in the Workplace and Community

  • Graduates will understand, appreciate and demonstrate ethical principles. The knowledge of professional ethics will be acquired through coursework and mentorship by the academic and clinical faculty.
  • Graduates will understand and appreciate diversity.The knowledge of multicultural issues will be learned through coursework and clinical experiences.
  • Graduates will understand and facilitate change through leadership activities.
  • Graduates will model the values and principles inherent in a Jesuit education.

Make a Personal and Professional Contribution to the Broader Community

  • Through faculty models and mentors, service learning, internship, and externship experiences, students will learn to share their professional knowledge, talents, and time.
  • Through the experiences gained at Loyola and through faculty models and mentors, graduates will learn to work for social justice and systemic change.