Graduate Admission for International Students

Loyola University Maryland is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant, alien students who are the citizens of countries other than the United States. International applicants to Loyola's graduate programs who need an F-1 student visa are required to submit the following documentation in addition to the application materials required for the academic program they're applying for.

Documentation Required for Admission Review

A completed international file is one that includes the following documents:

  • International Student Supplemental Application (required by Immigration and Naturalization Services)
  • TOEFL Score Report (required only if English is not your native language)
  • Personal statement, or statement from benefactor affirming that all expenses will be met during your period of enrollment at Loyola. Expenses include tuition, fees, books, housing, medical, and all other living expenses (in U.S. dollars).
  • Declaration of Finances Form accompanied by a current bank statement issued within one month of applying (in U.S. dollars).
  • Current Bank Statement (issued within one month of applying for admission) verifying that funds are available to support your stay at Loyola (in U.S. dollars).
  • Personal statement indicating plans for summer, such as whether you will be staying in the U.S. to enroll in courses or whether you will leave the United States.
  • Personal statement, or statement from benefactor showing that all expenses will be met during the summer (if applicable).

Documentation Required to Finalize Enrollment

All international student documents must be received by the office of graduate admission at least 90 days prior to the start of classes.

International applicants who are offered admission must follow the steps listed below before form I-20 can be issued:

  • Proof of medical insurance (students who need an I-20 must obtain insurance through the Loyola health insurance plan administered by Chickering Claims Administrators, Inc).
  • Tuition payment for the first nine credits (U.S. currency bank check payable to Loyola University Maryland).
  • $25.00 registration fee.

Downloadable PDF forms: