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Elizabeth Leik

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Elizabeth Leik

Affiliate Instructor of Writing
Co-Coordinator, Loyola Writing Center
Humanities 242a
410-617-2934 (fax)

My interest is nonfiction writing and the truth we uncover when researching and writing an essay. People, places, things—those early definitions of nouns we learned in elementary school are still with us as viable writing topics. But to write well, we must be aware of our surroundings; we must know where we are and where we have been.

Looking closely at their surroundings, my classes write their interpretations and perceptions of what they observe while working with accuracy and details.  Past essays range from providing meals to the homeless in downtown Baltimore to the dismantling of Yankee Stadium to living on a defunct missile base. We help each other understand what needs to be said in the most direct, often entertaining, style possible.

Curriculum Vitae (pdf format)