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Brian Murray

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Professor of Writing
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Brian Murray’s publications include Charles Dickens (1995), which the distinguished literary critic and Dickens scholar Edward Wagenknecht called “an able, stimulating, and at times exciting book” that “has met the challenge of one of the greatest of all novelists fairly and squarely upon his own ground.”  Brian Murray has also been an advisor and contributor to the Encyclopedia of World Literature in the 20th Century (1999) and the Continuum Encyclopedia of British Literature (2003).

His essays and reviews have appeared in the Dictionary of Literary Biography, Studies in Short Fiction, First Things, the Weekly Standard, and the Baltimore Sun, among other places; they have been reprinted or excerpted in Contemporary Literary Criticism, the Concise DLB, and Modern Mystery, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Writers, and have been cited in, or posted on, many online sources, including Arts and Letters Daily, Arts Journal, Milt’s File (WGN radio, Chicago), The Huffington Post, and in the online versions of Reason magazine and Christianity Today.

Some publications include “Fellini inesplorato: il significato de La Dolce Vita in Nuova Corvina (Instituto Italiano di Cultura), 18 (2006); “Who Is John Galt?  And Does Anyone Care Anymore?” in First Things (online), October 11, 2007; “The Social Gospel of Charles Dickens” (review of Jenny Hartley’s Charles Dickens and the House of Fallen Women) in First Things (online), July 8, 2009; “Instincts of a Bully and the Conscience of a Saint” (a review of Michael Slater’s Charles Dickens) in First Things (online), December 29, 2009; The Bedside, Bathtub, and Armchair Companion to Dickens (2009); “Reading Artie Shaw,” in The Reader (UK), Winter 2010; “The Wells Machine” (review of David Lodge’s A Man of Parts) in the Weekly Standard, November 28, 2011; and a review of Claire Tomalin’s Charles Dickens: A Life in The Washington Times, February 17, 2012.


Brian Murray is Professor in the Department of Writing at Loyola University Maryland, where he teaches a wide range of courses on both undergraduate and graduate levels, including “The 1980s: Fiction, Film, and Philosophy” (with Graham Macaleer, Department of Philosophy), “The American Bestseller 1950-2005,” and “Ideas Have Consequences: The 1970s.”