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Writing Department

Writing Minor

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For the writing minor, you take a total of eight writing courses:

  • WR100, Effective Writing (core course)
  • WR200 or WR201
  • Five additional WR courses
  • Senior Seminar: New Writers (WR400)

Visit the course catalog for a list of classes offered in the writing department. Here are the writing minor worksheets:

Students taking writing courses in a minor may explore a wide variety of disciplines and match these with their majors. For example, a writing minor could be paired with any number of majors to help students communicate effectively in any discipline.

In the picture below, students conduct usability testing on a client website in a technical writing course. Students then composed a usability report and submitted the document to their clients to help improve the clients' websites. In this way, students gain valuable experience working outside the classroom on projects that they may encounter in graduate school or on the job.

Writing students conduct usability testing in a computer lab