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Congratulations to all graduating History majors! Here is a short article you might find useful: "Entering the Job Market with a BA in History." 

Click here to read the recent Loyola Today article in written by Jenna Anne Chan, '15 about David Carey, Jr. entitled Uncovering hidden voices of the past.Congratulations to Professor David Carey Jr., the second holder of the Doehler Chair in History, who is the co-recipient of the Latin American Studies Association’s 2015 Bryce Wood Book Award for his book I Ask for Justice: Maya Women, Dictators, and Crime in Guatemala, 1898-1944 (Austin: University of Texas Press, 2013)! LASA is the most important professional organization for scholars of Latin America in the United States. The book award is given each year to an outstanding book on Latin America in the social sciences and humanities that was published in English in the United States. 

Check out the History Department Spring 2015 Newsletter.

We are delighted to welcome a new colleague to the Department of History: Willeke Sanders (Assistant Professor)!

"Whiteford Medal Winner"

The History Department wishes to congratulate Samantha Van Doran for her receipt of the 2014-2015 Whiteford Medal in History!  The Whiteford Medal is the greatest honor and most prestigious award of the History Department and was bestowed on Samantha at graduation.  It is granted to a graduating senior history major who achieved an outstandĀ­ing grade point average and whose written work holds promise of noteworthy contributions to historical scholarship. Of particular note was Samantha's superb senior honors thesis, "And this is the Wretchedness of that Fatal Kingdom”: Spenser, Moryson, and the Elizabethan Conquest of Ireland."  Congratulations, Samantha!

Congratulations to the History Department Essay Contest Winners 2014-2015

2014-2015 Essay Contest Winners

Seminar Papers

First Place: Theresa Bering, "Divine Intervention: Competition Between Religiously Motivated Relief Organizations in Palestine during World War I" (for Sara Scalenghe's HS 489D, "America in the Middle East").

Second Place: Nicole Meily, "Developing Memory: The Role of Photography in National and International Memory of the Pinochet Years" (for Bill Donovan's HS 488, "Political Violence and Terrorism in the Modern World").

Upper-level Long:

First place (tie): Nicholas George:  Naba, The Chief of All Diseases:  Medicine, Socierty, and Prestige in the Balttimore Smallpox Epidemics 1871-1882" (for Matt Mulcahey’s HS 423, “Disasters in American History” AND  Rachael Martines, "Women and the Mexican Revolution of 1910 thought the lens of Como Agua par Chocolate" (for David Carey’s HS385, “History of Mexico”)

 Second Place (tie): Thomas Bagley, "New" Dealing with the Unexpected: The Great New England Hurricane of 1938 and Federal Disaster Response" (for Matt Mulcahey’s HS 423, “Disasters in American History” AND  Jessica Valenti, "Transformation of Egyptian Nationalism through Cinema" (for Sara Scalenghe’s HS 449 The Modern Middle East Through Literature and Film)

 Upper Level Short:

 First place: Kelley Murphy, "An Oasis in the Battlefield: Children's Literature as a Democratic Education Tool and an Escapist Medium for Children during World War Two," written for Tom Pegram's HS 350.02: WWII in America, Fall 2014.

 Second place: Megan Wilson, "Northern and National Papers Provide Support and Sympathy for Birmingham Campaign," written for Tom Pegram's HS 366D.01, Civil Rights Crusade, Spring 2015.

 100 Level:

 First Place (tie) Stephen Gorson, "Shame, Cynicism, and a Love for Roosevelt," (for Tom Pegram’s HS 103, Making of the Modern World: United States) AND  Kate Amalfitano, "Silent Saviors," (for Katherine Brenna’s HS 101, Making of the Modern World: Europe)

 Second Place:  Jessica Molz, "Harmful Intercession in Africa:  Decolonization and the Cold War," (for Betsy Schmidt’s HS 106D, Making of the Modern World Africa)