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Tri beta group

    Congratulations to the newly inducted members of Tri Beta!

    Class of 2015
    Ryan Michael Accardo
    Gabriella Maria Appice
    Theresa Jude Bering
    Amy Leigh DeMarco
    Nikki Doerr
    Meghan E. Gallogly
    Charles Anthony Gambino
    Gregory Holland Jr.
    Alexandra Margaret Hopkins
    Emma Mehana Kumari Kennedy
    Lindsay LeSavage
    Jennifer Megan Canono Mariano
    Jennifer Maria Navatto
    Devon H. Reichelt
    Kelly Irene Santangelo
    Morgan Rae Stomel
    Felisa Lilla Abis Velasco
    David A. Wilson
    Erica N. Wirth
    Jaquelyn Taylor Zoine

    Class of 2016
    Cassandra Aphrodite Cairns
    Nicole Ann Carroll
    Nica C. Chanliecco
    Renee DiCicco
    Carlos Eduardo Echeverria
    Timothy Kane Farrell


    Megan Hahn
    Scott Joseph Lombardo
    Siobhan Patricia McKenna
    Nora Meaney
    Uchenna Nwankwo
    Kyle Sparta
    Jessica E. Valenti
    Brian J. Yang

    Class of 2017
    Alejandro Salcedo Agviar
    Brianna Yvonne Banerjee
    Melanie Renee Bennett
    Jake Sean Timothy DeFonzo
    Brandon Desintonio-Perez
    Beverly Ejiofor
    Amanda Guth
    Sarah Marie Johnson
    Allison Kenna Meyers
    Nicholas Musacchio
    Meghan Elizabeth O'Neal
    Michael P. Ramirez
    Michele Catherine Ryan
    Adam Christopher Schneider
    Hallie M. Stacho
    Kristin Suckiel
    Jamie Lynn Surgent-Nahay
    Isabela A. Ugarte


Serwaa Mensah, ’14, has received a full scholarship to dental school at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry in Baltimore.


Hauber Fellows Matthew Hassett (Chemistry '12) and Dorothy Chen (Biology '13), who worked with Dr. Maren Veatch-Blohm, are coauthors on a publication to be published in the March 2013 edition of HortScience.
"Narcissus cultivar differences in response to saline irrigation when application began either pre- or post-emergence"

Bio Majors Gabriella Conte (’14),  Gia Fontanazza (’13), Stephen Carbine (’14),  Bio/Psych major Kirsten Labbe (’13), and Classics Major/Bio minor Stephen Rosenthal (’13)  submitted a grant proposal to the EPA for their Campus RainWorks Challenge (to develop green infrastructure on campus), competing against other primarily undergraduate institutions around the country for a $10,000 prize.  Their proposal was for a bioretention cell in front of Hammerman.  (Plant Ecology fall 2012 Dr. Bernadette Roche)

Biology Freshman Dwayne Thomas has just received an REU fellowship  for Summer 2012 to perform cancer research this summer at University of Notre Dame.  He will be working in the lab of Dr. Zachary Schafer, whose research focuses on how metabolic changes and antioxidant treatments affect tumorogenesis and cell survival.

Loyola University Maryland Biology major Anna Nguyen (class of 2012) was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to conduct research at the Institute of Pathology (Institut Universitaire de Pathologie) at the University of Lausanne in Lausanne, Switzerland. The specific department she will be working in is the Department of Experimental Pathology, headed by Dr. Ivan Stamenkovic (who is also going to be her supervisor).  Anna's project is entitled "Characterizing the Mechanisms of Sarcoma Initiation and Development." The focus of the research will be to investigate the use of miRNA-based vectors in identifying sarcoma cancer stem cells based on their functional criteria (ie. CSC repression of certain miRNAs). Sarcomas are malignant tumors of bone and soft tissues, and despite multimodal therapy, they retain poor prognosis due to their high metastatic ability and poorly understood biology.