Loyola University Maryland

Department of Classics

Current Offerings

The following courses are available for the Fall 2016 semester:

Language Courses

Latin Courses

LT 101-Introductory Latin I- Section 01 TTH 6-7:15PM– Mr. Robert Wright
An enriched beginning course, intended for students with no previous knowledge of the language, which emphasizes grammar, syntax, vocabulary, and reading of easy passages from Latin authors. An introduction to the literature and culture of Rome.

LT 102-Introductory Latin II - Section 01 TTH 9:25-10:40AM - Dr. Thomas McCreight
Prerequisite: LT 101  or equivalent. A continuation of LT 101

LT 103-Intermediate Latin-Section 01 TTH 4:30-5:45PM - Dr. Laura Garofalo
A continuation of Latin 102 or for students with some high school background in Latin (placement through a placement test). Prerequisite: LT 102 or equivalent. Counts for: Language requirement, classics major, classical civilization major, classics minor

LT 104–Latin Golden Age Prose and Poetry-Section 01 MWF 12:00-12:50 pm - Dr. Robert Miola
The first Latin reading course in which students complete the grammar textbook and begin to read continues passages of Latin from the golden age of Latin prose and poetry.  Prerequisite: LT 103 or equivalent. Counts for: language requirement, classics major, classical civilization major, classics minor

LT 200–Latin Sight Reading-Section 01  – Dr. Thomas McCreight
Reading of selected texts in Latin "at sight" or without preparation. May be repeated four times for credit. (Pass/Fail)

LT 315 –Tacitus and Suetonius-Section 01 TTH 10:50-12:05 pm - Dr. Thomas McCreight
Selections from the chief writers of history and biography of the Roman Empire. Discussions focus on the history of the emperors from Augustus to Nero, the differences between history and biography, and the authors’ selection and presentation of material. Prerequisite: LT 104  or equivalent.

Greek Courses

GK 101-Introductory Greek II-Section 01 MWF 10-10:50 am-Dr. Laura Garofalo
GK 103-Intermediate Greek - Section 01 MWF 1-1:50 pm-Dr. Laura Garofalo
GK 302- Advanced Greek II- Section 01 MWF 11:00-11:50am- Dr. Martha Taylor

English Core Courses

CL/EN 211- Classical Mythology- Section 01 MWF 11:00-11:50 am - Dr. Laura Garofalo
A study of the traditional stories of the Greeks and Romans as expressed in their literature and art with an emphasis on the literature's background, value, and influence. Usually offered fall semester. Art elective for elementary education majors.

History Core Courses

CL/HS 327 –Disasters of Ancient Rome - Section 01 TH 9:25-10:40am- Dr. Joe Walsh
An examination of ancient Rome's greatest disasters: the destruction of Pompeii, the Great Fire of Rome, floods, and plagues. Students investigate the causes of these events; the Romans' efforts to navigate and make sense of them; and the transformations they brought to the ancients' environment, behavior, and thought.

CL/HS 329- Women in Greece and Rome - Section 01 MWF 1:00-1:50 am- Dr. Martha Taylor 
An examination of the lives of and attitudes toward women in ancient Greece and Rome. Classic texts of ancient literature are read, masterpieces of art are viewed, and the sociology of ancient women is probed. Topics include the family; prostitution; women of the imperial family; Cleopatra; health, child bearing, and birth control; the source and psychology of Greek misogyny; jet-setters and women's liberation under the early Roman Empire; women and work; women in myth; women in early Christianity; the legacy of classical civilization for modern women.

Theology Courses

CL/TH 226- Women in Christian Tradition- Section 01 TTH 10:50-12:05 - Dr. Pamela Cochran
CL/TH 226- Women in Christian Tradition- Section 02 TTH 1:40-2:55pm - Dr. Pamela Cochran

CL/TH 229- Images of God in Scripture- Section 01 TTH 12:15-1:30pm - Mr. Matthew Newell
CL/TH 229- Images of God in Scripture- Section 02 TTH 1:40-2:55pm - Dr. Lesley DiFransico
CL/TH 229- Images of God in Scripture- Section 03 TTH 3:05-4:20pm - Dr. Lesley DiFransico
Examines the various images/titles given to God in the Old and New Testaments from an historical theological perspective. Some images/titles discussed are God the Father, God the Mother, the Divine Warrior, the Good Shepherd, the Storm God, Christ the King, the Lamb of God, and God the Judge. Since our understanding of God is largely shaped by the image we have of Him, this course explores the influences these images/titles have had and continue to have on our approach to worship, on our concept of Church, and on our self understanding in relation to God.

Art History Courses

CL/AH 241-Survey of Art Paleolitto Gothic - Section 01 MWF 11:00-11:50 am- Dr. Letty Bonnell
A broad overview of art from the Paleolithic age to the Gothic era, focusing on Egyptian, Greek and Roman, early Christian and medieval art and architecture.