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Croquet on the Quad—On September 16, LoCoLitSo (the Loyola College Literary Society) hosted a successful student and faculty croquet match and refreshments on the quad while introducing some prospective majors to the department.

American Shakespeare Center Performances—Drs. Lobo and Crockett arranged for the ASC’s “Dangerous Dreams” tour to come to Loyola during Family Weekend, which included well-attended performances of The Life of King Henry V, The Importance of Being Earnest, and Julius Caesar, September 23,24, and 25.

National Civil War Medicine Museum Trip—Dr. Cole organized a field trip with tours for pre-health students and students in her The Civil War in American Literature course to Frederick, MD, a prominent Civil War town and site of the National Civil War Medicine Museum on Sept. 26, 2016.

Paul Strohm Lecture—At the invitation of Dr. Lobo, Dr. Strohm, Anna S. Garbedian Professor Emeritus of the Humanities at Columbia University, delivered a lecture, “Cases of Conscience:  Past and Present” on Thursday, October 8, 2015.  Audience members lingered after the lecture for a lively question-and-answer session.

“Jesuit Education in Action:  The Music of Words”—On October 25, 2015, Cara Kelly, singer/guitarist/song-writer and Class of 2006 English major, returned to campus to talk about the contributions her Jesuit education and English major have made to her life in music.  She also sang several of her own songs and answered questions from the audience.  Drs. Lobo and Ellis planned this event, which came out of a student focus group suggestion that we sponsor more programs featuring successful English grads.

Democracy and the Humanities Symposium—Dr. Lukacs proposed and organized the event; Dr. Miola delivered a poster presentation during the symposium; Dr. Osteen delivered a talk, “A Declaration of In(ter)dependence”; and Drs. Cole, Forni, Girard, Mangiavellano, Monson-Rosen, Norman, Wright, and Prof. Hinkel tweeted throughout the conference events, dominating the “Top 14 Tweets” published in a Loyola Magazine article about the conference.

Student Research Presentations Series, Part I—Sean Creedon and Wesley Peters talked about the research and creative work they had done over the summer and answered questions. Drs. Mangiavellano and Miola organized the event, which was a collaboration between our newly formed Enrollments Committee and LoCoLitSo aimed at attracting new majors and minors while actively retaining our current members.  Additionally, this event strives to strengthen ties between faculty and our majors and minors by celebrating and publicizing the accomplishments of our very best students.

Cherry Arnold’s Bluebirds Fly –Dr. Osteen applied for funding and arranged the visit of writer/director Cherry Arnold to the Senator Theater for a showing of her new film, Bluebirds Fly: Love and Hope on the Autism Spectrum, on November 11, 2015. Arnold also answered questions after the screening of her film.

2015 Annual Literary Christmas Feast—Dr. Lobo and the senior honors seminar planned and hosted the “Guilty Pleasures” Feast on December 8th, taking their topic, entertainment, and menu ideas from texts they read for Dr. Lobo’s course, “Books of Conscience.” The menu included Deviled Eggs, Angel Hair Timpano, and Chicken alla Diavola, among many other delicacies.  The pre-dinner music included a student, faculty and staff flute quartet (Cole, Abbott, Harper, Hendrickson) and a piano/cello duet (Cole, Schwartz), and students and faculty entertained afterwards with popular tunes ranging from Disney (Abromaitis, Gray, Miller, Osteen) to the Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil” (Osteen & Co.). Games were played; dances were danced; songs were sung; food that students and faculty prepared was eaten.  Leftovers were few.A marvelously guilty time was had by all.

John Freeman Talk—Dr. Cole and Kerry Boeye (Fine Arts) organized John Freeman’s visit to campus on January 20, 2016.  Freeman is former editor of Granta, critic, and author.  He spoke at length on his life in publishing.

Graduate School Information Session—Dr. Erin Wilson and Dr. Mangiavellano organized and conducted a student information session about graduate school admissions processes, life as a graduate student, and job market myths and facts on March 16, 2016, which the students attending seemed to find very useful.

Student Research Presentations Series, Part II—Kaitlyn Henry and Sophia Bell each presented work in progress on their senior honors theses (see Student Accomplishments) and took questions from the audience.  Drs. Mangiavellano and Miola organized the event in coordination with LoCoLitSo.

The Senior Soirée—After the spring awards ceremony, seniors and their professors retired to the Hug Lounge, porch, and Refectory to toast their successes, swap memories, and share a celebratory dinner.  Thanks to Dr. Lukacs for supplying the wine!

Scholarly Engagements is a forum Dr. Osteen organized several years ago in which English Department colleagues read and discuss each other’s work in progress.

  • In October the English faculty discussed Dr. Forni’s draft introduction to a manuscript about popular representations of Beowulf.
  • In February, English faculty discussed a draft introduction to Dr. Cole’s manuscript, “How the Other Half Laughs:  The Comic Sensibility in Art and Literature, 195-1920,” along with figures to be included in the work.
  • On Friday, April 1 (no kidding), English faculty discussed a draft of Dr. Mangiavellano’s article, “Teasing, Intimacy, and Darcy’s ‘Satirical Eye’ in Pride and Prejudice.”

Tidbit from 2014-2015

In late March, students and faculty, led by Drs. Miller and Mangiavellano, undertook a Macabre Readathon as part of the Relay for Life (by way of gruesomely depicted deaths). As always, students and faculty voted on the text; this year’s winner was the Divine Edgar. For ten-plus hours students and faculty read from the horrifying works of Poe, Poe, Poe, Poe, Poe, Poe, Poe. Yo! The intriguing suggestion that the last reader be gradually bricked into a small chamber, or that each reader be suspended over a pit, with a pendulum saw above, was vetoed by department killjoys. Rumors that one reading was interrupted by a loudly beating heart beneath the Boulder Café floor have not been verified.