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Student Achievements

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Carrell English Medal Winner

Awarded to Jacqueline Dorsey. The Carrell Medal is awarded to the English major with the highest G.P.A. in the major courses.

Phi Beta Kappa

Five students from the class of 2015 were inducted into Phi Beta Kappa: Anna DeBlasio, Jacqueline Dorsey, Antonia Gasparis, Michael McGurk, and Gabrielle Smith.

Independent Studies

Laura Biesiadecki (‘15), under the guidance of Dr. Osteen, completed a spicy independent study project titled “A Sexual Odyssey: Love and Lust in Ulysses.”

Classics major Zachary Lansdowne completed an independent study of Homer (the poet, not the cartoon character), supervised by Dr. Miola.

Spring Awards Reception and Dinner

The spring awards reception was held on April 29, 2015. The chair announced the paper awards and other honors listed above and, as in years past, each faculty member presented a book to a student in her or his upper-division course (funds having been supplied by the Center for the Humanities), and we distributed honor cords and other goodies to members of Sigma Tau Delta. The Department also recognized seniors who were moving on to graduate or professional schools, had landed an internship, or who had secured one of those rare treasures, an actual paying job. The awards reception applauds intellectual excellence and gives students hearty pats on the back as they enter the post-University world to learn, lead and serve.

Paper Prizes

EN 101

  • Daniela Molina, “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” (Wright).
  • Lindsay Herbst, “Art as The Ancient Advil: Liberation From Pain and Suffering” (Osteen).

200 Level

  • Jessica Molz, “Technological Racism in Science Fiction” (Monson-Rosen).
  • Hunter Flynn, “ ‘A Slow, Dark Birth’: Depictions of Childhood in the Fiction of James Joyce” (Osteen).

300 Level

  • Michael McGurk, “Wordsworth, Burns and the Ownership of Poetry” (Mangiavellano).
  • Mary Odell, “James Lee’s Wife: A Cautionary Tale and an Argument for the Rights of Women in the Institution of Marriage” (McGlamery).

Jolly Good Fellows

Following the Awards Reception, graduating seniors and faculty attended a cocktail party and dinner in the Fr. Linnane, S.J., Alumni House organized by Dr. Forni and Cathy Carroll. Dr. Lukacs supplied the wine; everyone else supplied the gossip, gags, and good luck hugs.