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                                               LOYOLA UNIVERSITY MARYLAND
                                                            Studio Arts MAJORS
                                                    Annual Major's presentations

Each spring semester Loyola Studio Arts faculty members meet individually with our majors to assess their progress and provide advice to help with their future growth as artists. Students organize their visual work to date in a Power Point presentation and create an artist statement and biography. For approximately ten minutes students present and discuss their work, then they take notes while the studio faculty members provide feedback to them. Students then write a one page, minimum, response discussing what they took away from the experience and consider where they see room for improvement and future focus. This document is sent by email to the Studio Arts Director, who compiles and maintains a collection of data about each major. From year to year the students' presentations become more complete, and the process provides practice for them to create professional materials and present themselves as artists in public. We strive for students in the Visual Arts/Studio major to be able upon graduation to pursue professional work within the field of fine arts and to continue along the path of an exhibiting artist.

To this end we work toward majors' ability to:
1.  gain familiarity with the concepts and materials of the visual arts and be able to  communicate and analyze the significance of their own work and the works of others.
2. acquire technical skills in drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media art, three-dimensional art, and digital technology.
3. master creative and manual skills required for solving two- and three-dimensional design problems.
4. become able to conduct a critical dialogue between their personal work and the larger art historical tradition.
5. achieve a sound preparation for entering the professional work force or pursuing graduate study.

Spring Semester, 2013 Majors' Presentations will occur on Tuesday, February 12 and February 19 beginning at 5:30 p.m.