Loyola University Maryland

Gender Studies

Minor Requirements

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The Gender Studies Minor consists of 6 courses:

  • Course #1: Students begin with “Introduction to Gender Studies” (SC 210).
  • Courses #2 – #5: Students take four additional elective courses with a Gender Studies designation over their four years at Loyola.
  • Course #6: Students take a capstone course upon completion of their electives. (The capstone can be taken concurrently.)


  • Of the four elective courses, no more than two can be in the same department.
  • Of all of the six Gender Studies courses in the minor, no more than two can count towards the student’s major or second minor.

Study Abroad

Study abroad and transfer courses may count if they fit the criteria for Gender Studies courses. Contact Janine Holc, co-director of gender Studies, to discuss credits: 410-617-2922, jholc@loyola.edu.

Diversity Courses

Many Gender Studies courses have a Diversity Requirement designation, and count for the fulfillment of this requirement.