Loyola University Maryland

Global Studies

Global Studies Faculty

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Global Studies Director

Dr. Janine Holc

Global Studies Steering Committee

Joshua Hendrick, Fabio Mendez, Kelly DeVries, Moira Lynch


Name Department Areas Of Expertise
John Breihan History Europe; England/Ireland; war and society
Charles Borges History South Asia; Jesuits
John Burger Economics Monetary economics; financial economics
Kelly DeVries History Europe; military history
Bill Donovan History Latin America; Jesuits
Jane Edwards History Europe; intellectual history
Michelle Gawerc Sociology Peace, war, conflict, social movements; Israel, Palestine
Joshua Hendrick Sociology Political sociology, social movements, human rights; Turkey, Middle East
Janine Holc Political Science International relations; Central and Eastern Europe
Nune Hovhannisyan
Economics International trade and investment; development economics
Steven Hughes History Europe; Italy; fascism
Angela Leonard History Slavery; African diaspora
Moira Lynch Political Science 
Transitional justice, human rights, feminist international relations theory
Dennis McCornac
Development economics; Asian economies

Fabio Mendez
(Hanway Chair)

Economics Macroeconomics; economic growth and development
Sara Scalenghe History Middle East and North Africa; Ottoman Empire; Italian colonialism in Libya; gender; disability
Elizabeth Schmidt History Africa; women
Keith Schoppa History China; Japan; Vietnam
Katherine Stern Brennan History Europe; France; revolution
Norman Sedgley Economics Economic growth; regional economic development
Carsten Vala Political Science Comparative politics; Christianity in China; Middle East
Barbara Vann Sociology Race, class, gender, sexuality, identity in post-communist Czech society
Marianne Ward-Peradoza Economics  Development economics