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2015- 2016 Essay Contest Winners

Seminar Papers

First Place: Meghan Lynch, “The Role of South African Churches in Fighting Apartheid” HS 480D: Seminar: Cold War in Southern Africa, Fall 2015 Professor Schmidt

Second Place: Katie Seifert, “Tales of the Strange, Scary and Supernatural; A Comparison between the Kaidan of the Edo Period and the J-Horror Genre of Today” HS 482: Asian Studies Seminar,  Spring 2016, Professor Diehl

Upper Level Long

First Place: Katie Seifert, "William McMillan in the Revolutionary War: An Ordinary Citizen under Extraordinary Circumstances." HS346.01: Revolutionary America, Spring 2016, Professor Mulcahy.

Second Place: Ian McNeely, "Slavery Paper: The Pennsylvanian Slave Trade." HS345.01: The Peoples of Early America, Fall 2015, Professor Mulcahy.

Third Place: Daniel Gavin, "The Causes of Gang Violence in El Salvador." HS386D: Soldiers and Guerrillas in Modern Latin America Spring 2016, Professor Donovan.

Upper Level Short

First Place: Andrew Lucibella, “Unity and Division: How the Rosenberg Case Shaped American Life” HS 325:Europe Since 1945 through Film, Spring 2016, Professor Pegram 

Second Place: Anna Bellerive, “A Critical Examination of the Nazi Medical Experiments” HS 319: Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, Fall 2015, Professor Sandler

100 Level

First Place: Lena Haaf, "Imperial and Cold War Interference in African Decolonization" HS 106D: Making of the Modern World: Africa, Fall 2015, Professor Schmidt

Second Place: (tie) Phoebe Labat, "The Puritan Dilemma" HS 102T: Making of the Modern World: United States I, Fall 2015, Professor Mulcahy  

Second Place: (tie) Nicole Lambariello, "Executive Summary of Machiavelli"  HS 101: Making of the Modern World: Europe, Fall 2015 Professor Hughes