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Latin American and Latino Studies

Electives List

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  • HS379: Latin America and the United States since Independence
  • HS383: The Cross and the Sword: Christianity and the Making of Colonial Latin America
  • HS384: Modern Latin America
  • HS386: Soldiers and Guerillas in Modern Latin America
  • HS446: Modern Latin American Cities and Immigration
  • HS485 Seminar: Comparative Slavery in the Americas
  • HS487 Seminar: Comparative Revolutions in Latin America
  • HS440: Special Topics in Latin American and Latino Studies
  • ML205/FR205: Living and Working in Guadeloupe Today
  • ML320: Liberation Theology from its Origins
  • ML340: Xicanismos: An Introduction to Chicano/a Culture
  • ML351: U.S. Latino/a Film and Literature
  • ML363: Voices across America: A Symphony of Thought
  • ML375: Women and Men in Twentieth-Century Latin American Literature
  • ML392: The Early Latino Experience in the United States
  • ML440: Special Topics in Latin American and Latino Studies
  • PS303: Latin American Politics
  • PS461: Seminar: Trouble Spots: Central America
  • SN302: The Culture and Civilization of Latin America
  • SN304: Contemporary Central America
  • SN306: Contemporary Mexico and Argentina
  • SN345: Hispanic Caribbean Literature
  • SN346: Violence and Culture: Colombia in the 20th Century
  • SN351: Literature and Identity Politics in Peru
  • SN354: Contemporary Latin American Literature
  • SN360: Latin American Short Story
  • SN365: Latin American Essay
  • SN370: Nineteenth-Century Latin American Novel
  • SN375: Women and Men in Twentieth-Century Latin American Literature
  • SN380: Modernismo
  • SN390: Chronicles of Conquest, Resistance and Transculturation

Additional Courses Requiring Approval

The following electives may be counted toward the minor if final paper or project is geared toward Latin America or U.S. Latinos (paper will become part of portfolio). Latin America is understood historically as those nations/provinces that speak a language which evolved from Latin: Spanish, Portuguese and French. Courses on the Caribbean in comparative context are added to this understanding. The minor advisor or program director must approve these courses and it is the student's responsibility to make sure the final project deals with Latin America.

  • CM385: Special Topics in Communication:  Global Public Relations
  • EC440: International Financial Economics
  • EC348: Development Economics
  • FR304: Culture and Civilization IV: Introduction to Francophone Cultures
  • HS382: Jesuits and Empire from the Society’s Beginnings to its Suppression
  • IB282: International Business
  • IB415: International Management
  • IB470.Z1: Special Topics: South American International Field Study
  • IB499: International Business Internship (if placed with a Latin American company, or a US company operating in Latin America)
  • MU306D: World Music: Common Ground, Separate Ground
  • PS351: Third World Politics
  • PS370: Theories of International Relations
  • SC210: Introduction to Gender Studies
  • SC310: Sociology of Migration in the United States
  • SP303D: Sociolinguistics