Loyola University Maryland

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Alumni Accomplishments

Graduates from the Mathematical Sciences Department have gone on to careers in academia, teaching, engineering, aerospace, medicine, and more. Shortly before they graduated, we gathered some information on their upcoming plans.

Christopher Broll, '16, pursuing a Ph.D. computational and applied mathematics, Stony Brook University

Victoria Carter, '16, full-time operations analyst, Morgan Stanley in Baltimore

Tara Dawley, '16, pursuing a Masters of Arts in Teaching, Loyola University Maryland

Phillip Fikucki, '16, pursuing a Masters in Applied Statistics, Worcester Polytechnic Institute. 

Nicholas Henn, '16, data analyst, TEOCO (telecom software solutions company), Virginia

Michael Kamradt, '16, pursuing a Master of Information Systems Management with a Concentration of Business Intelligence and Data Analysis, Carnegie Mellon

Zachary Pisano, '16, Ph.D. student at Johns Hopkins, Department of Applied Mathematics/Statistics

Cathryn Silvera, '16, analyst, Exponential Interactive, Federal Hill.

Madison Smith, '16, actuarial analyst, Mercer, Norwalk, CT.

Shawn Turner, '16, full-time Latin/mathematics teacher, Latin department chair, St. Ignatius Loyola Academy.

Anna Bosse, '15, pursuing my Ph.D. in Biostatistics, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine

Rachael Degnan, '15, secondary mathematics teacher, Howard County Schools for a Secondary Mathematics

Tess DeMarco, '15, client services analyst, Markit (a financial services group based in New York in Times Square)

Allison Rose, '15, technology analyst, Goldman Sachs